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Enable the Paperless Cockpit and Digital Transformation

As most aircraft operated by militaries today are not capable of accepting large and varied amounts of digital data, the default medium for all this information is still paper.  Operational Flight, Training, and Administration organizations alike must manage and maintain large amounts of paper documents and charts so that the aircrew has it available to carry to the aircraft.  This "paper chain" infrastructure is supported at all levels by a great number of personnel who are tasked with the monumental challenge of ensuring that everyone has the same information, everyone has all information, the information is secure, and the information is revised as required.  The aircrew end up carrying large amounts of paper including charts, briefs, checklists, manuals, instructions, weather, intelligence, etc., all of which must be manually updated and checked for accuracy and currency.

The Jeppesen Military Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) enables and enhances mission execution in the aircraft as a part of Jeppesen's Total Mission Solution (TMS).  When supported, however, by the Jeppesen Data Distribution Management (DDM) system, the EFB becomes a live and powerful tool to ensure accurate, timely, and critical information is available in each cockpit, every time it flies, while reducing manual processing and improving security.

The DDM system automates the entire "paper chain" from sources such as Jeppesen or government agencies, to the administration at the aircraft site, to the final delivery and dissemination of updated data to the EFB device.  Security and man-in-the-loop checks also ensure the integrity of the data package from source to aircraft.  The DDM ground tools provide the ability to configure each aircraft with the exact same (or a unique) set up, and enable the control and distribution of digital documents and information produced by our users in-house or received from third parties.  Finally, auditing and configuration management tools allow for the centralized management of information for an entire fleet, whether that fleet is two, or hundreds, or aircraft.

When viewed as a single integrated system, DDM and the Military EFB result in a streamlined, efficient, and more reliable information infrastructure.

Jeppesen's EFB solutions provide the ability to perform Force or Fleet wide data management and version control.  This means that at any given level, commanders have the assurance that all their aircrews have the same information, they all have the information, and that the information they have is secure.  There is also value gained in the cost or fuel savings of reduction in the weight of paper carried on each aircraft, and the reduced costs of time and resources spent maintaining a paper distribution infrastructure.  Our users tell us they are confident that the benefits gained from replacing the paper chain, and the advantages of digitizing all military cockpits in a cost-effective solution, will be realized well into the future of any aircraft's lifecycle.

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