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Jeppesen Terminal Charts

Jeppesen electronic charts are fully vector-based.  Vector-based graphics are rendered at display time, and take full advantage of the hardware resolution at each rendering event.  Zooming and panning functions are provided.

The Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) automatically retrieves the origin and destination airports, if this data is available from the FMC interface, otherwise the pilot can quickly make the airport assignments manually.  Efficiency is enhanced by the pilots utilizing the "Chart Clip" to pre-load charts that they anticipate using during the flight.  The "Quick Use" function allows instant retrieval of an unanticipated chart during any last-minute surprise ATC instruction.

The Terminal Charts application enables flight crews to find and display any Jeppesen terminal chart in their EFB database.  Terminal charts include: airport, airspace, departure, arrival, and approach charts, as well as chart NOTAMs.

Pilots use the Terminal Charts application to perform the following tasks:

  • Define the airports for the route of flight
  • Select and group the charts for the flight
  • Locate and view any terminal chart in the database
  • Locate and view the nearest airports based on location
  • View and manipulate charts

The distribution of revisions for Jeppesen standard charts and airline tailored electronic charts is accomplished by means of Jeppesen's Data Distribution and Management (DDM) system.  The DDM system, together with the Common Administration Tool (CAT) for EFB Class 3 and/or Common Configuration Tool (CCT) for Class 1 and 2, comprises the Jeppesen EFB Ground Tools.  The Ground Tools help provide accurate delivery of data updates to the customer.

Jeppesen Standard Airway Manual and Airline Tailored terminal charts and text pages are currently available in electronic form, providing rapid access to navigation information appropriate to the phase of flight.  Electronic charts are available enterprise-wide, onboard in the EFB, and on the ground via Jeppesen Military Chart Service.

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