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JeppView Electronic Charting

JeppView Electronic Navigation Charts


Join the electronic age with JeppView electronic navigation charts. Receive all the information you get from our standard Airway Manual and VFR Manual in easy-to-use electronic format. Save money, time and paper and help protect the environment. You pick the coverage area and we’ll supply airway and airport diagrams, navigation aids and approach plates - all electronically. Say goodbye to the days of carrying paper and cluttering your cockpit. Use electronic charts for flight preparation on the ground and in-flight with a mobile device in the cockpit.

To learn more, please visit our Mobile FliteDeck page


Benefits Include:

  • Save time with electronic revisions via the Internet or CD
  • Quickly search for specific Jeppesen front matter text using the XML Text Search Feature
  • Enhance situational awareness using moving map and real-time weather graphic overlay on Jeppesen enroute/terminal charts
  • Easily customize enroute chart theme to tailor to your viewing preference
  • Familiar platform with kneeboard size trip kit printing feature

 JeppView Ground-Based Features Include:

  • Depict all charts from respective coverage
  • Create trip kit with departure, destination and alternate
  • Create paper backups for in-flight use
  • Get all needed regulations from text portions
  • Fast access to text information with search function
  • Ability to rotate and split screen view of charts
  • Use Jeppesen’s exclusive RoutePack format to create trip kits that can be exported to FliteStar and other Jeppesen flight planning applications
  • Easy-to-use, easy-to-view full-color vector enroute IFR and VFR charts
  • Electronic text includes all general and country-specific information
  • Text chapters are structured as recommended by ICAO
  • Update your charts anytime, anywhere via the Internet 


  • Arrival, departure, and approach procedures
  • JeppView FliteDeck with Moving Map display tracks your aircraft’s progress as you fly (requires GPS receiver)
  • Full-color, high-quality vector-based charts to zoom in and out without loss of detail
  • Printable charts for use as backup
  • Digital VFR Charts for the European Market


For support with existing JeppView, see: JeppView Tech Support and User Manual
For more information in an interactive format: JeppView Flash Demo
Listen to what pilots have to say: Jeppesen Podcasts
For more information on regulations, hardware and more, visit:

JeppView Product Sheet (PDF):

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