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Military Theory Training
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Military Theory Training

Provide your staff with basic to advanced training on a wide range of subjects.

Mission Planner Ground School

Learn the fundamentals of aircraft dispatching in military operations. Civil Aircraft Dispatcher Certification available.

Pilot Ground School

Learn transport pilot fundamentals in military operations. Civil ATPL licensing also available.

International Flight Operations

Learn the fundamentals of international flight operations, regional airspace modules (North Atlantic, Polar, etc.) and the basic requirements for fligth planning and civil international aviation law compliance.

Aircraft Performance

Learn the practical aspects of aircraft certification regulations and operating regulations, along with optional subjects such as assumed temperature, ETOPS, terrain drift down and contaminated runways.

Charts and Navigation Workshop

Examine the details and information found on our charts and in our Jeppesen Airway Manuals.

Airspace Systems Workshop

Gain an understanding and knowledge of the emerging and increasingly complex international airspace systems.

Courseware Development Solutions

We are in a unique position to utilize our expertise to offer you customized development of courseware for all of your training needs.

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