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Airspace Infrastructure

Gain greater flexibility and better operating returns while increasing the safety of any National Airspace System with our design services for airports, regions and entire countries.

We also offer instrument procedure design services and terrain and obstacle analysis for planned structures near airports.

Airspace Design

As your advanced navigational capabilities become more sophisticated, your demand for airspace development expertise and professional terminal/enroute procedure design becomes increasingly important.

Procedure Design

Identify opportunities for lowering instrument approach weather minima, avoiding noise-sensitive areas, reducing diversions, and increasing capacity with our Airspace Master Plans.

Performance Based Navigation

Our advanced Performance Based Navigation (PBN) procedures can help your operation incorporate modern GPS technology with on-board avionics to facilitate more direct and fuel-efficient flights.


We have over 100 years of combined Jeppesen charting experience to ensure that helicopter personnel like you can fly with the same level of confidence and safety that our fixed-wing operators depend upon.

Total Airspace and Airport Modeler (TAAM)

TAAM is the industry-leading fast-time gate-to-gate simulation tool for airspace and airport operations. Use it to enhance your decision support, planning and design analysis by using realistic 4D models of airspace and airports.

Consulting Services

Jeppesen's expert airspace and airport consultants can help airspace providers and airports alike with diagnosing and correcting bottlenecks, identifying opportunities to improve efficiency or increase capacity and many other planning-related issues.

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