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Crew Academy - Training for Crew and Fleet Products

Crew Academy offers courses for members of our customers' support-teams, i.e Planners, Trackers, Expert users, Developers & System Administrators.

The courses cover everything needed by the different roles to get ready for the implementation project, to take their system into production and to start growing into the maintenance and future new versions of the systems, so that the support team can keep up with the changing business needs.

Most courses are two-day courses, and scheduled in our main training sites in Göteborg (Sweden) and Montreal (Canada).

All teachers in Crew Academy are working within their field of expertise and teaching only part time, which allows them to stay on top of the technologies and meeting all customers.

Crew Academy trains about 600 external students yearly, internal employees are trained on the same courses.

If requested, for larger training efforts we work together with our customers on Training the Trainers concepts, to make sure that course quality and content are met with the local needs of the customer in regards to location & language requirements.

For more information about Jeppesen Crew & Fleet products, please click here.

Crew Academy Schedule

Courses currently offered at our facilities.

Crew Academy Course Paths & Prerequisites

We recomend following a specified course path to optimize your abiility to utilize our solutions.

Crew Academy Course Registration / Cancellation

Please register here for the Crew Academy training you are interested in.

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