Airway Manual Calendar

This calendar is intended to help you understand key dates associated with Jeppesen's Airway Manual services. This calendar lists issue dates for revisions and AIRAC Effective dates.

Airway Manual Customer Service Bulletin

This service bulletin is designed to communicate important information to Jeppesen Airway Manual customers.

Enroute / Plotting / Area Chart Currency List (Worldwide)

A comprehensive list of all enroute, plotting and area charts worldwide with latest release dates.

SID/STAR Chart Enhancement Publications

In December 2016, we began releasing enhancements to the graphical depiction on Jeppesen SID, STAR, Departure, and Arrival charts. The following information has been created to support you during the transition period, which is scheduled to run through late 2018.

This list communicates the intended airports for conversion for the first three months. It has been consolidated based on customer feedback, regulatory dependencies, potential revision activities and is therefore subject to change. Final release dates for individual airports are also subject to change due to potential upcoming revision activities. This list will be updated as required.

To support you during the implementation Jeppesen provides you with interactive pilot training as online training or download (SCORM format) plus Operational Risk Assessment.

Airport Qualification Inventory

Aerodrome Operating Minimums (AOM)

Jeppesen publishes Landing and Take-off Minimums on Approach and Airport charts. The following documents are intended to give some background information about the AOM concepts which are used by Jeppesen or the State Authorities to determine Aerodrome Operating Minimums.

European Enroute Documents

The Route Availability Document (RAD) is a sole source planning document by Eurocontrol to facilitate flight planning and improve ATFCM capacity management. It provides a single, fully integrated and coordinated routing scheme.

The current information is available on RAD website at

Conditional Routes (CDRs) are designed to complement the permanent ATS route network. The purpose of CDRs is to allow flights to be planned on ATS routes or portions thereof, which are now always available. The CDR information is integrated in the listing of European ATS Route restrictions.

AOPA Magazine "Chart Clinic" Reprints

Jim Terpstra, former Senior Corporate Vice President of Flight Information Technology, has written a series of articles appearing in AOPA Pilot Magazine on the subject of reading and using Jeppesen Airway Manual Navigational Charts.

TSR 1562 Regulations

Enhanced security procedures for operations at certain airports in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area flight restricted zone.

Jeppesen Commemorative Charts Special Editions

Over the past three decades, Jeppesen has created special charts honoring public figures and other members of the extended Jeppesen family for their contributions to aviation.

To date, there have been 87 charts designed, honoring such luminaries as Harrison Ford; Sully Sullenburger and Jeff Skiles; Bob Hoover and the men of the Tuskegee Airman. Many of these projects are done with a light-hearted touch, but they are also meant to convey our deep respect for their recipients.

Representational of our world-class printed navigational charts, which have been in production for 80 years, these charts help mark the milestones and achievements of these fine aviators. The navigational fixes and waypoints on the chart are often named for family members or other noteworthy characters and highlight programs and milestones marking a distinguished career. Additional honors and achievements are detailed in the notes accompanying the chart. A couple of the charts commemorate historic groups or flights rather than individuals.

We wanted to share some of our more memorable charts that, while not used in actual flight, most certainly honor the flight path of these recognizable and important aviators.

Name Organization Chart Name Date
Young Eagles EAA Oshkosh, WI July 2017
Mark Van Tine Jeppesen CEO (Ret.) Parker, Colo. (Rwy 23) June 2016
Apollo 13 NASA Third Lunar Landing Mission July 2015
Sean D. Tucker Aerobatic Pilot KSDT/SDT 2014
Santa Claus Santa’s Workshop North Pole Village 2016
Robert “Bob” Hoover WW II Vet/Aviator/Test Pilot/Air Show pilot Edwards AFB, California 2012
Tuskegee Airmen “Red Tails” WW II Veteran Pilot Group Tuskegee, Alabama 2012
Hudson River Miracle “Sullenberger/Skiles US Airways Flight 1549 New York, New York 2010
Barry Schiff TWA Pilot/Aviation Writer Santa Monica, California 1998
Eugene “Gene” Cernan Naval Aviator/Astronaut Pensacola, Florida 2013
Harrison Ford Aviator/Actor Jackson, Wyoming 2005
Craig Hospital Craig Hospital’s Adventure Program CraigFlight Mission October 2011

Please feel free to download a souvenir copy. Not for resale.

Chart Clinic Confidential

Visit the Jeppesen webinar resources center. Created with the goal of helping individual flyers and general aviation enthusiasts like you fly better, we are pleased to offer access to both our calendar of upcoming webinars as well as an archive of past events.