Airline Crew Optimization

Improve Efficiency, Reduce Costs & Increase Operational Stability

With staff being an airline’s greatest expense behind fuel, we understand your very real need to be as competitive as possible. That’s why we created Jeppesen Crew Optimization solutions. They have been designed with the express purpose of helping airlines like yours improve operational efficiency while reducing costs. With our crew solutions, you can improve operational stability, maximize schedule safety, and even create opportunities to improve your crew’s quality of life. Our crew solutions are part of the Boeing Analytics portfolio of offerings, delivering tangible insights and results today.

Are you new to our Crew Optimization solutions?

Jeppesen Crew Pairing is the perfect place to start. Crew Pairing includes our industry-leading pairing optimization engine, providing you with powerful crew assignment modeling capabilities that make it easy to adapt quickly and efficiently for greater control over airline operations. New customers have seen upwards of a 15% reduction in cost, with notable increases in productivity.

From long-term planning with our Manpower Planning solution to Crew Pairing and Rostering, along with day-of-ops flight schedule management, we stand ready to meet your needs with our complete Crew and Ops management portfolio. Let our team of professionals show you how.

Our industry-leading Crew Optimization solutions are used by major airlines across the globe to:

  • Create optimized pairings and rosters for crew-members at the lowest possible cost
  • Maintain or improve safety, stability and quality objectives within existing rules and regulations
  • Drive efficiency for your airline
  • Design what-if scenarios to drive additional efficiency gains

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