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Thomas Wede


Thomas Wede is president of Jeppesen, a Boeing subsidiary company, and also serves as leader of Product Strategy & Lifecycle/Flight Operations Solutions, Digital Aviation for The Boeing Company.  As Jeppesen's fifth president in 80 years, he oversees operations worldwide.  He has leadership experience across all aviation markets including general, business, military and commercial domains.  He was named to this position in April 2013.

Wede was appointed to his previous position as senior vice-president and general manager of Jeppesen Aviation in January 2009. In this role, he was responsible for leading Jeppesen’s entire Aviation division, and supporting aviation customers worldwide in the commercial, corporate, military and general aviation business domains. 

Wede joined Jeppesen Germany in 1992 as the director of Sales and Marketing. In 1999, he was promoted to the role of vice-president of Airline Services, with responsibility for Jeppesen’s worldwide airline business. From there, he became Jeppesen’s senior vice-president of Commercial and Military Aviation in 2003 and moved to Jeppesen’s headquarters in Denver, Colorado.  

Prior to joining Jeppesen, Wede held IT and operations management positions with Lufthansa German Airlines. He studied in Germany and holds degrees in business administration and engineering, complemented by special management education.

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