Jeppesen Ground Controls

Empower your airline and military ground operations.

Our Ground Controls solution enables your airline or military ground operation to manage, supplement, preview, publish and synchronize your aviation data, charts and maps within a single, web-based application. An intuitive user interface and workflow streamlines your work processes, reduces workload and minimizes the need for user training.

  • Streamline work processes by using a single solution to accomplish four different tasks
  • Reduce training as multiple users within your airline utilize the same solution with a common interface and workflow
  • Increase aircraft fleet flexibility and efficiency by creating, publishing and distributing aviation data, charts and maps on demand and independent of established cycles
  • Increase information accuracy across your operation by synchronizing data across all platforms simultaneously
  • Reduce pilot heads down time by supplementing enroute data and charts with company-specific information and content
  • Increase information security by creating and distributing customized content in-house
  • Reduce operational disruptions through pilot access to backup navigational charts

A configurable solution

Our Ground Controls solution can be configured to include any or all of the following modules in a single suite:

  • Tailored Maps:

    Supplement Jeppesen's dynamic enroute data with your own airline-specific and relevant data such as ETOP range rings, company airports or location based comms on pilot mobile EFB devices.

  • Inserted Charts:

    Insert, revise or delete custom charts for viewing on pilot mobile EFB devices. Immediately distribute pdf's and TCC files to various platforms on demand while maintaining complete access to chart change history.

  • Chart Viewer:

    View ariline fleet enroute and airport terminal static charts with dynamic maps alongside those from Jeppesen. A single list of customized and Jeppesen aviation charts as well as layer and filter controls make it easy to find and check your aeronautical information.

  • Trip Kit:

    A web-based backup service assures your pilots always have the aviation charts needed to keep your aircraft fleet flying safely. It allows your pilots to access complete trip kits containing both Jeppesen and customized charts in a single document for any IFR flight.

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Training and other resources

Here's everything you and your pilots need to learn more about Ground Controls.

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