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Materials Engineer

The highly collaborative nature of the work that my team is a part of involves a multinational partnership between Boeing Research and Technology-Europe in Madrid, Jeppesen Poland in Gdańsk and the Warsaw University of Technology in Warsaw. Working at Jeppesen Poland has given me the opportunity to gain an understanding of what it means and takes to be an engineer in an internationally based setting. In comparison to my prior work experiences at other companies I have found that the work environment, culture and overall attitude at Jeppesen is not only conducive to my success and the success of our project but it is also nonesuch in terms of overall work experience. The impression that Jeppesen has made on me over the past year is very positive and I look forward to all of our future endeavors.


Navigation Information Analyst

First of all it’s because we don’t have any special dress code and most of the time we can wear quite casually. Talking seriously, most important in being a Jeppesen employee is the life-work balance. It is crucial for a person like me to have enough time to do my hobbies. Moreover, I find it quite impressive that a person with a non-aviation related education could learn so many new things connected with aviation business, air navigation and cartography. Being a Jeppesen employee is constant learning and developing skills. What built this company, are mainly people. For more than 6 years, I’ve been working with many fantastic people of different age and interests. I also like Jeppesen because we get our salary regularly and without delays, we have extra benefits, table football, massage chairs and great coffee. It is really exciting to be a part of a company that has its reputation and brand in the marketplace and cares for people as their workers and customers.


Production Technical Specialist

My name is Mateusz. I’ve been working for Jeppesen since 2009. I left the sea and took a chance to be a Jeppesen member on land. The biggest advantage of working here is that I can use my knowledge from studies and still be close at home.
Why I’m working here?
A lot of people would say that this work gives a lot of opportunities. I would say that I like working here because of my co-workers and atmosphere at workplace. Cooperating with people all around the world makes this job interesting and challenging as well. What is more, I can develop my teamwork skills not only at work but also in Jeppesen football team


Production Technical Specialist

Working for Jeppesen gives me multiple opportunities for career development, both within my department and outside the Company. It is a magnificent experience to cooperate with a great team of professionals, giving an opportunity of learning from each other and developing individual skills every day. All that in pleasant and friendly atmosphere in a modern and comfortable office. The most precious thing for me is that Jeppesen is open wide for new ideas and improvements. That’s why this is a proper place for creative people. I also appreciate that Jeppesen gives me a chance in participating in numerous sport activities, especially in Jeppesen Football Team. I would strongly recommend Jeppesen as a great place for work to all open-minded and ambitious people.


Software Engineer

I joined Jeppesen after enjoying the Erasmus program in Poland and obtaining a Master degree in Computer Science. I started supporting customers and it helped me to understand how the real market reacts to our products better. Afterwards I moved to a new position and became a Software Engineer, my real passion. Now I have the full picture and I can support customers in other way: creating solutions that easily bring the Jeppesen cartography to any of their devices. I think that working at Jeppesen is a great opportunity for anyone looking for a friendly, innovative and multicultural environment where you can develop your skills by taking part in projects with a great prospect.


Systems Analyst

I started to work in the company as a student. Back then, I was looking for a flexible employment and an understanding employer.It was a pleasant surprise when Jeppesen offered me such terms. What I really enjoy here, is the development opportunity because I’m always eager to learn and improve. Another valid benefit is working among intelligent, valuable people who are not only devoted to their daily business but also creative and willing to share with others. Thanks to that creativity and the support of the managers we are able to organize a lot of social campaigns. We are also committed to other projects like improving our office look and adopting it to our needs. Project that I liked the most was “Green Jeppesen” organized and carried out by Jeppesen employees for themselves. We won the first place in “ekobiuro” (eco-office) contest. It was possible thanks to the collective work, fun, and, of course, our favorable management.


Mobile Engineer

Working in the IT branch requires continuous development. The technologies used now, will be dated in just a couple of years and those who aren’t in the swim, will stop being competitive in relation to the following generations, equipped with more efficient, dynamic tools and more flexible, fresh minds.

The vacancies on the IT market are numerous, however many offers are made by small companies dealing with creating banal websites, or simple games on mobiles, where you can learn what hard work and overtime is, but not necessarily develop your professional skills; or large companies, which on the one hand, may make a greater impression when included in a CV, but on the other, means working on sustaining big, dated systems using dated technologies and a high level of formality.

Jeppesen stands out in this matter in a positive way. There are numerous projects involving such tools as JIRA, Git and Gradle as a standard, using Java means Java 7, not 6, moreover, Agile means technology. What is of highest importance, is the fact that apart from tools and methodologies, there are experiences workers there, who can use new tools consciously and share their knowledge.


Navigation Information Analyst

I was asked why do I like working at Jeppesen. I could've just said that the atmosphere here is amazing and people are great, but this would be just a cliché. Of course, the work environment and the team support here is outstanding, yet these are not the only reasons why I like this job.

As a pilot and Rzeszow University of Technology graduate I was always dreaming to work in the aviation branch, to help those 'big things' fly (or at least to facilitate it somehow). The aim was simple: to make money on my biggest hobby - aviation. Jeppesen let these dreams come true. Now it's much more than just making money on hobby.

The possibility of self-development and coaching the other people motivates me. Although, I've worked at Jeppesen for a relatively short time I had a possibility to run the Digital Aviation Academy lectures for about 70 people - it allowed me to share my knowledge and to feel that if you're inspired by something you can inspire other people as well.

And the last but not least thing which satisfies me is business trips. I’ve already had an opportunity to travel twice to Frankfurt and to visit our German Jeppesen office. Of course after work there was free time to roam.

It can be simply summarized with our motto: Jeppesen makes every mission possible.


Navigation Information Analyst

At Jeppesen, all the employees have a certain background of knowledge, skills and knowledge of English – however an added characteristic is that we all know how to collaborate and have fun! Nobody has any doubts that we are doing important things that aim to ensure the safety of people’s life. The atmosphere is on the contrary to the responsibility lying on us. I assume that this is our way to provide high quality products. It’s simply easier to work in a friendly atmosphere like we have at Jeppesen!

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