Jeppesen Online Training Screenshots

This is an example of an interactive maneuvers screen. Once you understand the steps to do in a maneuver, you can click the ball flag to see a video of what the step looks like from the pilot's point of view in the cockpit.

This is an example of how we incorporated video into our ground lessons. Video and audio allow us to explain complex topics in a realistic and graphical way. Our product contains countless additional pop-up screens for your review. We cover human factors concepts, example radio calls, FAR/AIM materials and more all in an organized, easy to use system.

This screen shows you how the FAA Knowledge Test Questions are embedded into our product. You learn not only the test question; you learn the concept behind the test question. Our goal is to not only help you pass the test, it is to ensure that you learn the material to become a safe and competent pilot.

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