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NavSuite Bundled Solution

NavSuite Flight Planning & Charting Solutions


Take advantage of the conveniences of NavSuite, the fully integrated flight planning and charting solution set. Bundle your services to control costs while improving ease of use.


A bundled pricing strategy means you get all the functionality of a leading chart and flight planning application while keeping costs low. From planning the flight to pulling into the chocks at the destination, NavSuite provides everything you need in one value-packed bundle.

Payment Options

Subscribe to NavSuite and you could save 14–25% each year on revision services. Plus, you'll get the time saving benefits of full integration across all products at no extra charge. Get a flexible billing plan that best suits you. The NavSuite subscription fee can automatically be debited from your credit card each month or you can sign up for an annual service.

Multi Licensing

Need to license multiple users within your organization? Just order NavSuite for multiple users and only maintain one serial number.

Keep Your Data Up-to-Date:

  • a single update, delivered electronically via the Internet
  • automatically renews all applications within the suite
  • more efficiency and time savings
  • revision updates also delivered every 14 days via CD for an additional charge


To Order

Call Jeppesen Sales Support using the numbers to the left.

Receive all the information you get from our standard Airway Manual® and VFR Manual (formerly Bottlang Airfield Manual) - but in an easier-to-use, electronic format. Your subscription comes standard with state-of-the-art online update capability over the Internet to do your revisions. Save money, time and paper and help protect the environment.

Reduce planning time and manage your constantly changing environment with the new FliteStar v9.0. FliteStar IFR offers flight planning with extraordinary graphics, vivid colors, high definition, superior routing algorithms, blazing speed, and much more - all contained within an incredibly easy-to-use interface.

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