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FliteStar Computer-Based Flight Planning

FliteStar Computer-Based Flight Planning

Version 9.5 with "Live Weather Maps"...Now Available!

FliteStar VFR and IFR are our PC-based flight planning software solutions for general aviation pilots. Created to simplify and automate the entire flight preparation process, FliteStar gives you more time to do what you really like to do – FLY!  For Business and Corporate pilots, please review the FliteStar solution designed specifically with you in mind here.

Our premiere general aviation flight planning software provides:

  • User customizable enroute chart themes and background maps
  • Ability to view up to nine layers of “live”aviation weather on enroute charts
  • Seamless integration with JeppView for viewing and printing terminal charts (JeppView optional)
  • Advanced user interface compatible with Window based electronic flight bag applications

With its integrated weight and balance; superior auto-routing algorithms; easy-to-use chart interface; amazingly rich, dynamic, continuously updated graphical live weather background and its unique “future view” capabilities, it’s no wonder that FliteStar has been the general aviation flight planner of choice for pilots worldwide for more than a dozen years.

FliteStar is offered in three software versions to provide the flexibility of features you need suited to your flight planning needs:

  • VFR - Designed for basic VFR flight plans and trips
  • IFR - Provides more advanced features used in IFR flight planning
  • Corporate - Advanced aircraft models for improved flight planning accuracy

Customers in the Americas can purchase FliteStar service online, or by calling Jeppesen Sales Support using the phone numbers to the left. Customers outside of the Americas can purchase by calling the appropriate Sales Support number to the left.

  • Depiction of active Special Use Airspace
  • Depiction of TFRs
  • Ability to create custom flight chart themes
  • Depiction of Restricted airspace
  • Profile view of flight route with weather and winds
  • Optimized routing based on winds and aircraft performance
  • Automatic avoidance of restricted and TFR airspace
  • Upload flight plans to GPS and FMS units (IFR and Corporate versions)
  • Weight and Balance
  • Rubber Band routing
  • U.S. Weather and U.S. Flight Plan Filing through DUATS
  • Ability to add Raster VFR charts (additional cost)
  • Fuel Stop Planning (IFR and Corporate versions)
  • Worldwide Jeppesen weather (additional cost)


What's The Difference Between FliteStar VFR, IFR and Corporate?

Compare features in the table below to see which version contains the features you need.

FEATURE / FUNCTIONSFliteStar VFRFliteStar IFRFliteStar Corporate
Aircraft Model: Advanced  X
Aircraft Model: Constant AltitudeXXX
Aircraft Model: Constant PowerXXX
Aircraft Model: Quick PowerXXX
Airport Filters in Enroute ChartXXX
Airway Routing XX
Alternate Planning XX
Altitude Adjustments on Route SegmentsXXX
Altitude Optimizer for time/fuel/costXXX
ASA Flight PlanXXX
Atlas Chart ThemeXXX
Automatic Fuel Stop PlanningXXX
Quick Aircraft ModelsXXX
Cloud DepictionXXX
Context Sensitive HelpXXX
Conversions FunctionXXX
Cost ReportXXX
Customizable Navigation LogXXX
Default Chart ThemeXXX
Display Multiple RoutesXXX
Electronic RulerXXX
Enroute Airspace Fixes XX
Enroute Plate Trip Kit PrintingXXX
European VFR ThemeXXX
Expanded Search CapabilityXXX
Export RoutePack to a Text FileXXX
FAA and ICAO Flight PlanXXX
FIR/UIR Route-AroundXXX
FMS Upload  X
Free Technical SupportXXX
Frequency ReportXXX
GPS/Direct RoutingXXX
GPS Upload/DownloadXXX
High Altitude Airways XX
High-Altitude Enroute Theme XX
High Contrast Chart ThemeXXX
High Definition TerrainXXX
Holding patterns displayed in chartsXXX
Import Bitmap Logo on ReportsXXX
Interactive ChartsXXX
Internet DUATS ConnectionsXXX
Internet Electronic Chart Data (NavData) & program updatesXXX
Intersections XX
JeppGuide InformationXXX
JeppWX Live Overlays9.59.59.5
JeppWX GraphicsXXX
JeppView Version 3 CompatibilityXXX
Load Manifest  X
Local Time Route Calculation in RoutePack WizardXXX
Localizers XX
Low Altitude Airways XX
Marker Beacons XX
Multiple Pilot Support XX
Multiple W&B Envelopes  X
Must Fly/Stop PointsXXX
On-Line Help & TutorialsXXX
Plain Language RoutingVORs, NDBs, and AirportsXX
Power/Config. Blocks In NavLog  X
Preferred Routes XX
Previous View/Next ViewXXX
Profile ViewXXX
Quick Quote Report  X
Reads VFR+GPS ChartsXXX
Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM)XXX
Reverse Route CapabilityXXX
Route CalculatorXXX
Route Storage999999999
RoutePack PortabilityXXX
RoutePack WizardXXX
Shipped With Over 50 Aircraft ModelsXXX
Specified Fuel Tank Burn Order  X
Split-Screen ViewingXXX
Strip Chart PrintingXXX
SUA Route-AroundXXX
Sunrise/Sunset CalendarXXX
Takeoff Distance CalculatorXXX
Terminal Fixes XX
Terrain ContoursXXX
Terrain AvoidanceXXX
TFR graphic drawn from FAA dataXXX
Top of Climb/Descent PointsXXX
User-Defined AirspaceXXX
User-Defined WaypointsXXX
V-speed Blocks In Nav Log  X
VFR Chart ThemeXXX
VFR Reporting Points (Europe)XXX
VOR/NDB/Airport RoutingXXX
Weight & Balance CalculationsXXX
Wind Component Arrows in ProfileXXX
Wind Optimization in RoutePack Wizard XX
Worldwide Jeppesen WX Access9.59.59.5


The Advanced Model (available in FliteStar Corporate only) allows for more complete cruise information, an unlimited number of cruise settings, and more than a simple linear climb and descent profile. It can also accommodate override fuel flow settings.


The Basic Model (which can be used in all versions of FliteStar) contains less detailed performance data . However in most cases it still provides highly accurate time and fuel burn results. When information is entered into the basic model format, the FliteStar application interpolates or extrapolates additional data points for the given weight or performance settings. With 5 rows of information and three power settings available for each weight setting, the interpolation can be highly accurate but not optimal for all altitudes and flying conditions.

Which Model is for You?

One area in which a Basic model may excel is when detailed performance information needed for the advanced model format, is lacking. The calculations for the Basic model interpolates additional data points, however the Advanced model uses only the nearest entered data points without interpolation or extrapolation. If too many gaps exist in the data, the Advanced model could be less accurate than the Basic model.

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