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Avionics Training Products


Our Avionics Training Products are award-winning, virtual instruction programs that make it easy to learn your avionics. Our training products also include a software library of Computer Aided Instruction Tools for students and instructors, and a flight / performance program. These computer-based training programs are for everyone who wants visual, hands on training to quickly master almost all operational tasks without having to labor through manufacturer-provided manuals. Now available as an  app on the AppStore. View our Avionics Training Brochure.

Master Your GPS!
Discover the award-winning brand of scenario-based, guided simulation to harness the power of your avionics quickly and easily. The answer for both initial and recurrent training, our Avionics Training Products let you learn at your own pace, while eliminating the frustration that often comes from reading the manual, or using unguided simulators. Learn procedures at the comfort and safety of your computer's desktop, rather than flying heads-down, trying to understand GPS operations. Manufacturer endorsed and recommended, and used by thousands of pilots worldwide.

Elevate Your Teaching and Learning!
Use the CFI Toolsets to enhance live training and student practice. Leverage the suite of dynamic, multimedia-based modules to help focus training, while reducing the time it takes to comprehend fundamental topics.

Flight/Performance Planning
Visually demonstrate the impact to flight performance of weight and position as well as optimize your aircraft performance and save fuel. Easier and faster than using a spreadsheet.

For Customers in the Americas, purchase here from JeppDirect
For Customers outside of the Americas, purchase here from JeppDirect

Avionics Training Products


  • Garmin GNS 530/430 Training - VFR & Core IFR Procedures
  • Garmin GNS 530/430 Training - Advanced IFR Procedures
  • Garmin GNS 530/430 Training - WAAS Procedures
  • Garmin GPSmap 196 Training
  • Garmin GPSmap 296 Training
  • Garmin GPSmap 396 Training
  • Garmin GPSmap 496 Training
  • Garmin G1000 Training - Core and VFR Procedures ( Now available on the AppStore )
  • Garmin G1000 Training - IFR Procedures ( Now available on the AppStore )
  • CFI Toolset Garmin G1000 Visual Tools
  • CFI Toolset Primary Visual Tools
  • Weight & Balance Graphic Planner


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