Publish Date: 20 Jun 2019

World Wide

Included Areas: Africa (All), Atlantic (All), Australia (All), Canada & Alaska (All), China (All), Eastern Europe (All), Latin America (All), Middle East & South Asia (All), Pacific Basin (All), South America (All), United States (All), and Western Europe & Mediterranean (All)

This Customer Notice is intended to update and further explain the concerns raised to customer’s attention in the Customer Notice of Dec 21, 2018 regarding spot elevations in the FliteDeck Application suite.

To address the concerns raised with the mis-interpretation of spot heights Jeppesen will be removing all spot elevations from the FliteDeck Application suite, which includes the following:
•     FDPX
•     FD Pro 3.x
•     FD Pro 9.x
•     Foreflight Mobile
•     Airbus LPC-NG

Reference the attached pdf for complete information concerning this Customer Notice.

Terrain Data Spot Elevation Features

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