Publish Date: 30 Aug 2013


Included Areas: China

In accordance with ICAO Doc 7910 Location Indicators, Jeppesen will be adding a new ICAO Code “ZU”, which will be included in all affected records located within the area covered by following airspace boundaries: Lhasa CTA (ZULS) - -  Chengdu CTA (ZUUU) - - Guiyang CTA (ZUGY) - - This document serves as the contractually required advanced notification of the changes within Jeppesen’s NavData for Cycle 1311, effective 17 October 2013.


All records located within the above mentioned boundaries, will contain the new ICAO Code “ZU”.
ARINC 424 ICAO Code (ICAO CODE) affects all record types except Cruising Tables and Grid Mora.

Example of affected PA record before Cycle 1311 NavData

SEEUP ZULSZPALXA 0 131Y N29175395E090544198W001011713 LXA ZP …..

Example of affected PA record from Cycle 1311 NavData :

SEEUP ZULSZUALXA 0 131Y N29175395E090544198W001011713 LXA ZU …..

Please make the necessary adjustments to your NavData processing systems to accept this new value by to be prepared for the changes in update cycle 1311. If you cannot update your system in time for NavData cycle 1311, please contact your Jeppesen Business Representative.

NavData Notices are intended for Jeppesen's Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Customers only. End Users of the data may contact their Avionics Providers with questions on the availability of data in their specific units. If you have Technical questions about this notice, please contact Jeppesen NavData Technical Support at phone (USA) 303-328-4445, e-mail, or fax (USA) 303-328-4137.

ZU ICAO CODE Cycle 1311

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