Publish Date: 06 Sep 2019

World Wide

Included Areas: Africa (All), Atlantic (All), Australia (All), Canada & Alaska (All), China (All), Eastern Europe (All), Latin America (All), Middle East & South Asia (All), Pacific Basin (All), South America (All), United States (All), and Western Europe & Mediterranean (All)

September 06, 2019

Currently you are receiving Terminal NDB/Locators and Airports in your file. However, you may be receiving Airports that are outside of your Airport parameters.These extra Airports are extracting as supporting data for the Terminal NDB/Locators in your file and this supporting data logic bypasses any Airport parameter settings for you file, such as minimum runway length. To correct this anomaly, Jeppesen will implement an optional “Link to Airport” parameter, which will only extract Terminal NDB/Locators for airports that meet your specified Airport parameters. Once implemented, this new parameter will be activated and you will see a drop in Terminal NDB/Locators along with the Airports that do not meet your specified Airport criteria.


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