Publish Date: 08 Nov 2018

United States

Included Areas: FL

RNAV (GPS) Procedure with a Turn Between the Final Approach Fix (FAF) and Missed Approach Point (MAP)

In cycle 1706, Effective 25 May 2017, the FAA has designed and published RNAV (GPS) X Rwy 28R [R28RX]
procedure at West Palm Beach/Palm Beach Intl, FL (KPBI). The procedure incorporates the fix FLABS to indicate the
position where a 30 degree turn is initiated between the Final Approach Fix, YOURS (FAF), and the Missed Approach
Point, RW28R (MAP). The 30 degree turn at the fix FLABS is required to align the Final Approach Course with the
runway 28R centerline. The course from YOURS (FAF) to FLABS is 249 degrees, and the course from FLABS to the
RW28R (MAP), runway 28R displaced threshold, is 279 degrees.

KPBI R28RX NavData Bulletin

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