Publish Date: 17 Aug 2016

Atlantic, and Canada & Alaska

Included Areas: Atlantic Ocean,


** Revision to the original Advance Notification published 30 JULY 2015 **

In accordance with ICAO recommendations, Jeppesen has published Half Degree Grid Waypoints in the North Atlantic Region.  This document serves as the contractually required notification for implementation of these waypoints which began in cycle 1510, effective 17 September 2015.

According to the ICAO NAT OPS BULLETIN, dated 1 June 2015, serial number 2015_003, Half Degree Grid Waypoints are being used in the North Atlantic Region as part of the Reduced Lateral Separation of 25nm (RLatSM) project.  Phase 1 of the RLatSM project was implemented 12 November 2015.

Phase 2 of the RLatSM project is scheduled to begin on or soon after 10 November 2016. Phase 2 includes the addition of Half Degree Grid Waypoints in the Reykjavik Oceanic Control Area (OCA).

Half Degree Grid Waypoints

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