Publish Date: 28 Mar 2019

Latin America, and United States

Included Areas: Latin America (All), and United States (All)

TO: Users of Legacy Apollo GX-Series or Model 2101 Navigators USA/LAM or East North America Database  CYCLE: 1907  SUBJECT: USA/LAM and East North America Database Changes

Navigation systems listed below using the USA/LAM Database (Garmin AT P/N  138-0472-011 or Jeppesen P/N DGAT12) or the East North America Database (Garmin AT P/N 138-0493-00 or Jeppesen DGAT14) are affected.

GX50, GX55, GX60, GX65 units

Model 2101 Navigation Management Systems

Garmin 1914B 1907

Garmin 1914 1906

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