Publish Date: 01 Mar 2013

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 In accordance with Aeronautical Source documentation recently published by Kyrgyzstan, Jeppesen will be updating the ICAO Location Identifiers for four Airports and their associated records.   This document serves as the contractually required advanced notification of the changes within Jeppesen’s NavData for Cycle 1304, effective 04 April 2013.


Kyrgyzstan recently published NOTAMs (effective March 31st) to announce the ICAO Location Identifier changes from ‘UA’ to ‘UC’ for the following four Airports:

Location NameAirport NameCurrent Airport IdentifierNew Airport Identifier
Tamachy Ysykkul UAFL UCFL
Bishkek Manas UAFM UCFM
Karakol Karakol UAFP UCFP


The changes defined above affect the Airport Identifier/Region Code and ICAO Codes within all terminal records associated to the four airports, including:

  • Airport (PA) records
  • SID/STAR/Approach (PD/PE/PF) records
  • Terminal Waypoint (PC) records
  • Runway (PG) records
  • Airport Localizer and G.S. (PI) records
  • MSA (PS) records
  • Airport Comm (PV) records


Some Enroute and Controlled Airspace records currently containing the ‘UA’ ICAO Code will also change to ‘UC’ such as Enroute Waypoints (EA), VHF Navaids (D), and Controlled Airspace (UC) records. Additionally, the Identifiers associated to the following FIR (UF) records will also be updated:

Boundary NameCurrent Boundary  IdentifierNew Boundary  Identifier



For those customers who take the four locations listed above within Jeppesen NavData, we ask that you assess the impact of these data changes on your systems.    If you determine that the changes adversely impact your systems, please contact Jeppesen to discuss alternative solutions.


NavData Notices are intended for Jeppesen's Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Customers only.  End Users of the data may contact their Avionics Providers with questions on the availability of data in their specific units. If you have Technical questions about this notice, please contact Jeppesen NavData Technical Support at phone (USA) 303-328-4445 or e-mail

1304 Kyrgystan ICAO

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