Publish Date: 28 Sep 2018

Eastern Europe

Included Areas: Kazakhstan

Almaty, Kazakhstan  --  Almaty (UAAA)  --  (Temporary) VOR DME RWY 05R (13-01)  --  (Temporary) VOR DME RWY 23L (13-02)

According to NOTAMs K6241/18, K6214/18 and K6157/18 construction work on RWY 05R/23L for Almaty (UAAA), Kazakhstan is in progress.

On RWY 05R/23L the first 700m from threshold RWY 23L towards ARP are closed due to work in progress.

There are 2 temporary Instrument Approach Procedures published by the NOTAMs. Because of the revision cycles the (Temporary) VOR DME RWY 05R (chart 13-01) and (Temporary) VOR DME RWY 23L (chart 13-02) cannot be added into Jeppesen Airway Manual. Therefore both charts can only be published as attachment to this alert. The temporary charts are dated 28 SEP 18 and reflect the status of NOTAMs K6241/18, K6214/18 and K6157/18. They will not be updated to incorporate possible future NOTAMs.

UAAA Chart Alert (WIP, Temporary Procedures)

UAAA 13-01 (Temp) VOR DME RWY 05R

UAAA 13-02 (Temp) VOR DME RWY 23L

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