Publish Date: 25 Oct 2011

Africa, Atlantic, Canada & Alaska, China, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle East & South Asia, Pacific Basin, and Western Europe & Mediterranean

Included Areas: Africa, Greenland, Canada & Alaska (All), Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Caribbean Islands, Mexico, India, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand,


 Within the electronic products listed above, and in areas where true airway bearings are used for navigation, the depiction of true bearings is incorrect. Many times the bearing incorrectly shows 4 digits. In addition, these true bearings do not including the “T” which is used on Jeppesen products to indicate that the bearing is a true bearing. These airway bearings are generally located in extreme northern and southern areas of the world where Magnetic Variation values are high. A listing at the end of this Notice shows which routes are affected within each State / Country.

True Bearings 1112

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