Publish Date: 11 Mar 2019

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Solomon Islands -  All Solomon Island IFR Airports (see list below) - Take-Off Minimums

The Jeppesen charts for the Solomon Island Airports listed below, depict take-off minimums that are below what is required by the Civil Aviation Authority of Solomon Islands (CAASI). The lowest authorized take-off minimums for the below listed airports are, 300’ ceiling and 1600m visibility.

Atoifi – Atoifi (AGAT)

Auki – Auki (AGGA)

Bellona – Bellona (AGGB)

Choiseul- Choiseul (AGGC)

Ballalae – Ballalae (AGGE)

Fera – Maringe (AGGF)

Honiara – Honiara Intl/Henderson (AGGH)

Babanakira – Babanakira (AGGI)

Avuavu – Avuavu (AGGJ)

Kirakira – Kirakira (AGGK)

Graciosa Bay/Luovo – Santa Cruz (AGGL)

Munda – Munda (AGGM)

Gizo – Gizo (AGGN)

Ontong Java – Ontong Java (AGGQ)

Rennell – Rennell (AGGR)

Seghe – Seghe (AGGS)

Yandina – Yandina (AGGY)

These charts will be reissued in an upcoming revision.

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