Publish Date: 01 Mar 2017

Eastern Europe

Included Areas: Russia

Multiple Locations, Russia 

According to AIP RUSSIA GEN 1.7-4; Chapter 3; paragraph 3.1.3:

“Determining and maintaining of the flight height (flight level) shall be based upon:

  1. aerodrome QFE – for flights in the terminal area within a radius of not more than 50 km from ARP (in TMA) from take-off till reaching transition height and from transition level of the aerodrome (TMA) till landing;
  2. aerodrome QNH – at all aerodromes approved for international flights and at the aerodromes located in mountainous areas (on crew’s request);
  3. …”

Effective 2 Feb 2017, first instrument approach procedures (including SID and STAR) are published, where the altimeter setting is changed to QNH and the altitudes are given in feet (like St Petersburg ULLI/LED).

Jeppesen will convert existing QFE charts to QNH as soon as this information is published on the instrument approach procedures within the AIP.

Therefore, pilots may find the following altimeter setting scenarios on charts for Russian airports:

  1. QFE (metric heights provided by ATC)
  2. QNH (metric altitudes provided by ATC)
  3. QNH (altitudes in feet provided by ATC)

The three scenarios are described in the attached PDF.


Russia Chart Alert (QFE or QNH on chart)

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