Publish Date: 26 Apr 2012

China, and Eastern Europe

Included Areas: China, Korea, Mongolia,

China, Mongolia, North Korea - Metric Cruise Tables

The current versions of the EFB Enroute Application on FDPro and Mobile FD contain the following 2 issues concerning the Metric Cruise Level Tables which are associated with all Chinese, Mongolian and North Korean FIR/UIR’s. The incorrect data is depicted in the property sheets for the individual FIR/UIR.


  • The metric cruise levels within the tables are too low by a factor of 10. The current metric levels should be higher than what they are currently being displayed as. 

                        Incorrect Depiction Example:

                        60 meter separation starting at 60 m up to 840 m

                        Should read:

                        600 meter separation starting at 600 m up to 8400 m.

  • The Metric Cruise Tables are incomplete. There are some metric cruise levels which are not being displayed as part of the Cruise Table.


Metric Cruise Levels

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