Publish Date: 30 Jul 2019

World Wide

Included Areas: Africa (All), Atlantic (All), Australia (All), Canada & Alaska (All), China (All), Eastern Europe (All), Latin America (All), Middle East & South Asia (All), Pacific Basin (All), South America (All), United States (All), and Western Europe & Mediterranean (All)

Airspace Boundaries - Applications: FliteDeck Pro X

Jeppesen has identified an issue where some Airspace Upper and Lower vertical limits displayed in the Object Details dialogue box are incorrect. The Vertical Limits are incorrect only when either the Upper or the Lower limit is NOTAM or UNK (unknown). This issue exists for both Special Use Airspace and Controlled Airspace worldwide.

The corresponding Airspace Upper and Lower vertical limits displayed in the Enroute graphic display are correct and should be used as the primary reference.

This issue only exists when using FliteDeck Pro X. This issue affects no other FliteDeck Pro version or any other Jeppesen Electronic Enroute Charting application.

Graphic images of a sample Restricted Area and its vertical limits in both the Enroute Graphic (correct limits) and corresponding Object Details (incorrect limits) are provided in the pdf attached to this alert.

Jeppesen is actively working on a solution and will publish additional notifications to communicate any updates on this subject. This Alert is also posted on the Jeppesen Web site.

Boundary Vertical Limits

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