Publish Date: 18 May 2009

United States

Included Areas: United States (All)

26 AUG 05---Approach Procedure at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA)--- Required Navigation Performance (RNP) is a major component of the FAA's goal for facilitating more efficient airspace and procedure design as well as improving safety, access, capacity and operational efficiencies in the National Airspace System. RNP, a refinement of RNAV, is part of a collaborative effort by FAA and the aviation industry to develop performance-based procedures, i.e., procedures not dependent on any specific piece of equipment. RNP is a statement of navigation position accuracy necessary for operation within a defined airspace. It establishes highly refined parameters for aircraft airspace containment including navigation performance accuracy within which the aircraft's navigation system is expected to remain.  

JEP 05-03

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