Publish Date: 18 May 2009

United States

Included Areas: United States (All)

9 MAR 07 ---RNAV 1 Equipment Notes on U.S. RNAV STAR and SID Procedures and RNAV Operations on RNAV Q and T Routes Effective March 15, 2007--- FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 90-100A — U.S. TERMINAL AND EN ROUTE AREA NAVIGATION (RNAV) OPERATIONS — designates U.S. RNAV STAR and SID procedures as RNAV 1, and RNAV Q-routes and T-routes as RNAV 2, based on aircraft navigation equipment requirements. This AC reflects new performance-based navigation criteria that has been harmonized with ICAO and addresses RNAV systems using positioning inputs from GPS/GNSS and DME, and IRU.--- Effective March 15, 2007, equipment notes on all affected U.S. RNAV SID and STAR procedures will be modified to reflect these new requirements. All notes referencing Type A & B will be replaced, and the FAA will cancel AC 90-100 dated January 7, 2005.--- Update: The RNAV2 description in this Bulletin has been corrected to reflect 2.0 nautical miles as being the maximum allowable cross track error deviation.

Notes on U.S. RNAV SIDs/STARs Procedures and RNAV Operations

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