Publish Date: 07 Mar 2019

Africa, Pacific Basin, and Western Europe & Mediterranean

Included Areas: Africa, New Zealand, Switzerland

ADVANCE NOTIFICATION of Aerodrome Mapping Database Change

Airport Mapping Database contains several locations where natural surface runways have the same designators as the main paved runways and these are parallel to each other. These locations are:

  • Bangui, Central African Republic; M’Poko (FEFF), runways 16/34
  • Christchurch, New Zealand; Christchurch Intl (NZCH), runways 02/20
  • Geneva, Switzerland; Geneva (LSGG), runways 04/22

Due to the technical constraints of A816 data format, the proper containerization process of gathering the runway features belong to the same logical set cannot be executed. The result of this issue is that some physical features being a part of one runway can be incorrectly associated with the second parallel runway.


Despite the ICAO Annex 14 recommendations regarding runways naming convention that directly indicate designators cannot be repeated for parallel runways, not all source providers follow aforementioned guidance. The consequence of this non-compliance is that duplicated designators provided as official runway names are reflected in AMDB data.

Jeppesen has decided to modify natural surface runway designators by adding supplemental “L” or “R” letters, respectively to the position of that runway in regards to the main paved runway. This approach allows to permanently resolve the issue, without situational awareness data degradation. Additionally, it was identified as having less negative impact on AMDB OEM Customers than modification of core IFR runways.

Apart from the three airport runways listed at the beginning of the notification, all other locations with duplicated runway designators will follow the same approach as necessary, in the future.


Beginning in cycle 1905, effective 25 April 2019, affected aerodrome natural surface (grass) runway designators will be changed as follow:

  • FEFF grass runway 16/34 will be changed to “16R/34L”
  • NZCH grass runway 02/20 will be changed to “02L/20R”
  • LSGG grass runway 04/22 will be changed to “04L/22R”

The notification is issued to ensure appropriate timeframe for your systems to be able to process the new extract content.


Please evaluate your systems to determine the impact of this change and make the appropriate adjustments to accept this new information and contact your Jeppesen Business Representative.

Duplicated runway designators

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