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Jeppesen E-books

Introducing Jeppesen E-books

Jeppesen e-books are electronic versions of traditional textbooks and reference materials that can be viewed on computers and other devices. Jeppesen e-books are available on the iOS and Android devices, PC or Mac. Depending on the device you are using, Jeppesen e-books provide many additional features that traditional paper books do not offer. To learn more about Jeppesen e-books please visit our e-books FAQ page

E-book Features:

  • Ability to quickly jump to valuable information
  • Easily bookmark pages and take notes
  • Easy finger-swipe navigation
  • Direct linking to chapters within each book is provided through the table of index
  • Once downloaded there is no need for internet connectivity to read the book on your device
  • Priced lower than our printed versions of the books and there is never any shipping and delivery cost to incur

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