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Why update your charts?

  • Your charts are separate from your plotter, so keeping your charts current is one of the least expensive, most effective ways to stay safe on the water.
  • Know of any changes in the waters where you boat and avoid costly and dangerous accidents.
  • Typical changes updated charts cover:
    • Buoy, beacons and lights.
    • Shoreline areas and shallow water depths.
    • Channels, commercial shipping lanes, and restricted or dangerous areas.

To coincide with popular boating seasons, our electronic chart libraries are issued twice a year with the latest navigational changes officially issued every day by the hydrographic offices. The new chart libraries contain changes numbering in the thousands, affecting all C-MAP by Jeppesen electronic charts. In addition to changes in navigational information, our charts also cover updates to marina facilities, port services, photos and more.

Joining Club Jeppesen makes updating your charts easy and affordable. Not sure how up-to-date your charts are? Contact your local Jeppesen office with your chart code number and we can advise you on how many updates have occurred since your chart was issued. Boat Smart with the latest C-MAP by Jeppesen charts. Learn why it’s best to boat smart with updated charts in this white paper by the Alliance for Safe Navigation. Boat-smart / Update your charts


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