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Aviation Safety


We are committed to seeing you arrive safely. Jeppesen employs a dedicated team of safety professionals in the Office of Aviation Safety to support the Jeppesen enterprise. The cornerstone of Jeppesen's product and service safety is a Safety Management System (SMS) which establishes safety authority, responsibility, procedure and policy for all Jeppesen employees. The SMS is a systematic and integrated approach to  aviation safety management.

For more information about Jeppesen's commitment to your safety by air, please contact:

Some key components of the Jeppesen SMS include:

  • Executive management commitment
  • Clearly defined safety policies and objectives
  • A company-wide hazard and incident reporting system
  • Risk management
  • Trend analysis
  • Extensive aviation safety awareness training

Keeping up to date on the latest safety features and assisting to developing new ways of keeping the  aviation industry safe is important to us.  That's why Jeppesen is an active participant on the following global industry committees and workgroups:

  • IATA Safety Committee
  • IATA Accident Classification Working Group and Incident Review
  • Flight Safety Foundation
  • GAMA Safety Affairs Committee
  • Accident Investigation Subcommittee
  • Gulf Safety Committee
  • International Society of Air Safety Investigators


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