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Condor Selects Jeppesen and BAM 
Condor, a subsidiary of Thomas Cook GmbH, flying its guests to the most beautiful holiday destinations around the world since 1956, has selected Jeppesen crew planning solutions and fatigue risk management functionality. The implementation is ongoing and usage will commence over the coming months.
     "By introducing advanced planning capabilities from Jeppesen we will take a leap forward in terms of planning results for our crew," says Marcus Weggel, Group Director Crew Planning Thomas Cook Airlines. "Furthermore, we will be able to manage our fatigue risk based on the facts provided by the Jeppesen tools. Knowing that these facts are based on scientific knowledge certainly helps," he adds.

Jeppesen FRM Workshop in Moscow April 27 
Jeppesen will host a full-day FRM Workshop in Moscow April 27. The event will take place at the St. Regis Hotel, 10:00-17:00, followed by dinner. The workshop will provide answers to the following: What is the latest science telling us? How is the new regulation affecting the industry? How can crew fatigue be quantified, and how may operational risk be taken into account? What is the best-practice for FRMS? The role of the Fatigue Safety Action Group, Definitions of suitable Safety Performance Indicators, Demonstration of common tools, and a Panel discussion/Q&A: way forward for Russia on FRMS. The workshop is open to all airlines and free of charge. Please contact us via this email if you are interested in joining in, and we will try to make room for you. Welcome!

Have You Spread the Word, and Taken the On-line Survey?
The European Commission (DG MOVE) together with European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has set up a research study to review the effectiveness of the new flight and duty time limitations and rest requirements applicable since 18 February 2016. The objective is to determine whether these rules provide sufficient protection from potential consequences of aircrew fatigue and, if necessary, to make recommendations for changes to the rules.
     Now you have a chance to influence the focus of the study. An on-line survey has been created for crew and other stake holders to give input on six different duty-types of potential concern. Please take the survey (no later than April 11) and also feel free to forward the survey link within your organization, to help us spread the word. Thank you in advance!
     For full information and the link to the survey, please follow this link.

"A Most Gratifying Rate of Climb"
Jeppesen has invested heavily during the last few years in the development of crew management solutions and surrounding services. The new Atrium platform is now in full production, and the demand for Jeppesen optimisation technology, decision support, training and fatigue risk management solutions is at an all-time high. “Looking back we see an unprecedented interest in our crew solutions over the past two years with more than 50 new agreements with our customers. The investments made in our optimisation technology, day-of-ops capabilities and fatigue risk management are really receiving the attention of the market, and we experience a most gratifying rate of climb at the moment,” says Peter Andersson, Vice President of Crew Management Solutions. 

CrewAlert Pro now Reports also on Extended SPIs
The latest version of CrewAlert Pro, now available on the iTunes Appstore, has been enhanced to also report on the extended Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs) recently defined along the IATA guidelines. This video quickly shows you how to access the SPIs inside CrewAlert. The SPI definitions are available in this fact sheet as well as by tapping the SPI labels in CrewAlert. 

Air Baltic Extends the Usage of Jeppesen Solutions
Air Baltic, already a customer of Jeppesen Concert, has entered new agreements for navigation services, Jeppesen Crew Pairing, Jeppesen Crew Rostering, and a tight integration of the Boeing Alertness Model with the crew planning optimisers. “We are pleased to start cooperation with Jeppesen, which is well known for the quality of its service in the navigation and crew management arenas,” said Alla Struchina, Flight Support manager, Air Baltic, in a recent press release.  

Experience Hands-on FRM Training
In contrast to training classes from most other suppliers, the Jeppesen FRM training courses contain many hands-on exercises practicing how to reduce and avoid fatigue risk in your operation. The exercises are based on realistic crew planning scenarios using production tools common to many airlines - teaching users how to make a real difference to risk exposure, while protecting other important key performance indicators.The next training classes will run in Gothenburg on April 19-20 and on May 10-11 in Leon, Mexico. More information here.

Swiss Signs for Jeppesen Crew Tracking
Experience Hands-on FRM Training In contrast to training classes from most other suppliers, the Jeppesen FRM training courses contain many hands-on exercises practicing how to reduce and avoid fatigue risk in your operation. The exercises are based on realistic crew planning scenarios using production tools common to many airlines - teaching users how to make a real difference to risk exposure, while protecting other important key performance indicators. The next training class will run in Gothenburg on April 19-20, and we still have seats available. The course will also be held on May 10-11 in Leon, Mexico. Please follow the links in the section below for more details and for signing up. Welcome!

EASA to Review Effectiveness of new Regulation
EASA and the European Commission have selected a consortium, led by the Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR), to perform a review of the effectiveness of the new European flight and duty time limits that came into effect in February 2016. The review will run over a two-year period and includes extensive data collection from European airline operators. The consortium consists of NLR, Jeppesen, the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), and the Stress Research Institute at Stockholm University.

Swiss Signs for Jeppesen Crew Tracking
Jeppesen has agreed to a new three-year service contract with Swiss International Air Lines, Ltd. (Swiss), the national airline of Switzerland. Through the agreement, Swiss will integrate Jeppesen Crew Tracking into their operations to optimize crew planning and recover from disruptions to planned crew schedules.
     “Using Jeppesen Crew Tracking services enables us to manage daily operations in an efficient way, through the ability to quickly resolve the myriad operational issues that can result in changes to scheduled crew rosters,” said Daniel Silvestri, head of Operations Planning, Swiss. Read the full press release here.

Selecting a Fatigue Model
Selecting a bio-mathematical fatigue model for supporting your crew management process and your work within the Fatigue Safety Action Group might not be all that straightforward. There are a number of aspects to carefully consider in order to achieve the best effect per invested dollar.
     Aspects such as model validity, performance, price, support, and exchangeability will all be of high importance for a successful implementation, and for day-to-day usage that makes a real difference to the risk exposure. Two documents developed in order to assist with an airlines evaluation of models are The CASA Biomathematical Fatigue Model Guidance Document and The Jeppesen Fatigue Model Comparison Matrix. For more information on fatigue model benchmarks, you are welcome to contact us through

Turkish Airlines Implements BAM and Concert
Turkish Airlines has decided to implement fatigue risk management functionality from Jeppesen and Boeing.
     "Our pilots and cabin crew members are extremely important to us and deserve the best working conditions for delivering world-class flight performance, safety and service to our passengers," says Mustafa Afacan, SVP Corporate Safety, at Turkish Airlines. "With the Boeing Alertness Model now tightly integrated to our planning processes, we will be able to produce even better rosters while maintaining efficiency," he continues.

CrewAlert Pro X-mas Offer
CrewAlert will once again be available at a discounted price over the Christmas weekend. CrewAlert Pro, containing the Boeing Alertness Model and all features unlocked, is normally priced at $30 but will now be available in the iTunes Appstore for $10 between December 22 and January 2.

First Come, First... Book Your Fatigue Risk Assessment Now
Jeppesen is sponsoring the Managing Fatigue Conference in San Diego, March 20-23 and will be exhibiting on-site during the full week. For this event, Jeppesen will offer five airline operators a free-of-charge hands-on session with Jeppesen Concert and the Boeing Alertness Model. Participating airlines will receive a detailed fatigue risk assessment on their own data. As this in-depth analysis will take some time to prepare, we need you to register your interest with us January 20 at the latest. The analysis offer is limited to airlines with a minimum of 80 aircrafts, who are attending the conference, and are not already using Jeppesen Concert. Please register here. First come, first served.

Jeppesen Connects Crew Experts in Berlin
The three-day Jeppesen Connect event in Berlin at the beginning of the month was a great success. Almost 200 crew management and flight safety experts attended a wide variety of sessions focused around best practices for crew scheduling and related processes.

Future-Proofing Your Applications
BAM, the Boeing Alertness Model, is built to communicate with applications such as CrewAlert, Jeppesen Concert, and Jeppesen Crew Solutions, as well as third-party products over a high-performance run-time interface called CAPI.
     CAPI, the Common Alertness Prediction Interface, is the only proposed standard for fatigue model connectivity and is free to use for all airlines for their integration of bio-mathematical models in their in-house applications. The technology is also open to use for other providers of fatigue models.

Did You Know This: Aligning Rules With Human Physiology
A collection of hard rules, based on strict cut-offs for time spent on and off duty, meant to limit fatigue risk for crew, will always contain inefficiencies. This due to human physiology being so much more complex than what can be captured by rules designed to limit work.
Continue to read here.

GOL Implements Jeppesen Crew Rostering
GOL, a leading airline in Brazil with almost 140 Boeing 737's, has this summer implemented Jeppesen Crew Rostering.
     “With the use of Jeppesen Crew Rostering services, we have experienced lower operating costs and have been able to publish our crew rosters much earlier than we were able to previously,” said Capt. Sergio Quito, chief operating officer, GOL. “Since we initiated Crew Rostering in June, we have noted improved quality of life and job satisfaction from our team, which was an important factor for implementing this system.”

Göteborg. Berlin. Dubai. 
A couple of busy weeks are coming up, providing good opportunities for meeting up with the Jeppesen FRM experts in either Göteborg, Berlin or Dubai. As soon as next week (26/27 October) we will have an in-depth FRM Training Course in Göteborg, a few seats are still available. Shortly thereafter, there is a chance of participating in our free-of-charge one-day FRM/crew planning seminar in Berlin Nov 7. Finally, Jeppesen will also present and exhibit at the IASS in Dubai on November 14-16. If you would like to attend or book a demo, contact us via the links above, or by dropping us a line on Welcome!

BAM Prediction Power
IATA has published guidance on model-based and roster-based metrics that can be suitable for an operator to monitor in order to detect systematic differences early on, enabling a proactive address of fatigue risk. Implementing such metrics in the crew planning systems can, however, be a lengthy process and does not always enable a good comparison with predictions of sleep/wake and alertness given by a fatigue model.
     BAM, now the most frequently used fatigue model in aviation, has many of these metrics built-in out-of-the-box. With BAM you can easily quantify and track a large set of metrics such as block hours, working time, body clock de-synchronization, hours flown below a certain threshold, amount of sleep opportunity, missing sleep etc. Please see the information sheet on these metrics, which can be tracked in detail and monitored across your operation per fleet, rank, base etc. preferably using Jeppesen Concert for the analysis.

Seminar: Safety and Efficiency Hand in Hand
Some safety professionals, unions and crew planning personnel still think that an improved safety level through reduced fatigue risk needs to take its toll on planned crew efficiency. Creating additional rest opportunity and placing it wisely can only come at the expense of working less, they think.
     But they are wrong. Safety and crew efficiency are not opposites. Come and see for yourself, and meet up with the experts, at our combined FRM/Crew planning seminar held in Berlin on November 7. Please find the invitation here. Welcome!

Aeromexico Goes Proactive on Fatigue Risk
Aeromexico, Mexico's flagship airline, founding member of Skyteam and with a strong commitment to continuous improvement in flight safety, has decided to use BAM tightly integrated with their Jeppesen crew planning systems.
     "We have used Jeppesen crew planning optimizers for over 15 years assisting us creating the best possible crew plans. With the integration of the Boeing Alertness Model we will be able to build crew pairings and rosters that are safer and kinder to the physiology of our highly valued crew members while still preserving other important key performance indicators such as crew efficiency," says Captain Juan B. Hurtado y Dagda, Senior Vice President of Flight Safety at Aeromexico.

Attending the ESRS in Bologna?
The 23rd congress of the European Sleep Research Society will take place in Bologna September 13-16 with a very comprehensive and interesting program (link). Jeppesen will attend with key members of our FRM team ready to meet up with you demonstrating optimization, CrewAlert, BAM and Jeppesen Concert. Please get in touch with Arvid Müllern-Aspegren if you are attending and would like a demo of leading FRM tools making a real difference to fatigue risk in your operation. Welcome!

Did You Know This About: Fatigue Reporting
Fatigue reporting by airline crew is seen by ICAO as a critical part of a fatigue risk management system.    CrewAlert Pro contains fatigue reporting functionality that quickly and accurately provide extensive information back to the company. Within a minute or two crew can issue a report and submit it over e-mail containing all the details including sleep/wake logs, duty patterns, assessments and even prior measurements done by a built-in validated PVT. Flight safety personnel can then easily load, share and assess this information and extract statistics for their operation.
     Contact us at to learn more.

FAA Receives Training on the Boeing Alertness Model
FAA recently received training on the Boeing Alertness Model (BAM) and the associated tools for fatigue modelling. This means that FAA now has the necessary tools, knowledge and support from Boeing for reviewing FRM applications from airline operators that build on modelling using BAM.
     For detailed information about the Boeing Alertness Model, please see this technical fact sheet.

Did You Know This About Model Integration Over CAPI?
CAPI (the Common Alertness Prediction Interface) is today the only proposed standard for communication between applications and fatigue models. CAPI has been designed in collaboration with model providers and supports the high performance requirements needed also for real-time model interaction with industry strength optimizers. CAPI has been developed by Boeing/Jeppesen but is openly shared in the industry to fatigue models providers, crew solution providers and individual airlines.
     In need of a sound model integration approach and tired of the multitude of different peer-to-peer file interfaces locking you in? Contact us at to learn more.

LATAM decides on BAM
LATAM Airlines Group ("LATAM"), the largest airline group in Latin America, with over 300 aircraft in their mainline fleet, has decided to use BAM and Jeppesen FRM functionality. LATAM will now proactively reduce fatigue risk in their operation by directly applying human physiology during pairing and roster optimization.
     "Our crew is immensely important to us, and their well-being and our flight safety has of course the highest priority. Working with Jeppesen/Boeing we can reduce our overall risk exposure up-front. We will be able to set the right solution structure from the start and improve more flights," says Michael Wagner, Director Planning and Support, LATAM Airlines Group.

Jeppesen Development Partners Gathering
Many Jeppesen customers gathered on 17-18 May in Gothenburg for the annual Crew and Fleet Developers Partners meeting. The meeting included, in addition to sessions dedicated to optimization and crew management, several FRM sessions covering Concert, BAM, FRM Roadmap, and FRM Optimization integration.
     One topic discussed in depth was our FRM research involving the upcoming Time Traveler Data collection for improving sleep predictions in larger time zone transitions. The conclusion, after discussions with participants, was that our design idea around the mechanisms is a sound one and that there should be good potential in improvement.
     We still have room for more airlines to attend this important data collection (which is free of charge). If your airline has operations over multiple time zones, this is a great opportunity to learn more about your actual fatigue levels while at the same time contributing to science. If you would like to participate, please sign up via this link and we will provide more details (you can also participate individually). Welcome!

Wideroe Among the First with FRMS and a Derogation
Wideroe, the largest regional airline in Scandinavia with 3,000 staff and 41 Dash-8 aircraft, has become one of the first operators in Europe to gain approval for their FRMS. "The Boeing Alertness Model is one of the cornerstones of our FRMS, providing us with an additional layer of safety on top of regulation. Using BAM we have been granted a derogation by EASA to allow 70 hours duty per seven days instead of the 60 hours stipulated in the new FTLs. This derogation is based on our additional precautions introduced to exceed the equivalent level of safety", says Aleksander Wasland, Chief Pilot, at Wideroe.

Analysis of Accidents - a Popular Topic
We received very good feedback on our recent Accident/Incident Modeling Master Class in Montreal. So good in fact, that we have decided to run it a second time in Gothenburg on May 19, between 9:00 and 13:00 at the Jeppesen office. If you are interested in bio-mathematical modeling and how it would apply to accidents such as UPS in Birmingham, Colgan Air in Buffalo, Asiana in San Francisco, AF447 and Air India Express in Mangalore, please do not hesitate to sign up and attend. The class is free of charge but seating is limited, we reserve the right to maximize attendance to two participants per airline. Sign up soon if you want a seat.

Great FRM Training Now Easier to Find
At Jeppesen we have introduced additional FRM sessions to our training schedule but we are also extending our network of collaboration with leading experts in this field. One example is Smartshiftwork, founded by Captain Kristjof Tritschler with ten years hands-on experience from both designing, building and operating a FRMS. Smartshiftwork and Jeppesen are building on each other's strengths to deliver both more opportunities for training but also a richer training experience, combining the unique background and insights of Captain Tritschler with the strong capabilities of Jeppesen in the domain of crew management. Please visit and consider attending some of their upcoming seminars and classes.

Jeppesen at ICAO FRM Symposium in Montreal
Jeppesen attended and sponsored the ICAO meeting in Montreal on 5-6 April where some 350 people attended to learn more about the updated guidance material. Please look here for the updated ICAO documents, which most people find significantly more user friendly than the previous version.

Are You a Time Traveler?
Jeppesen is starting a new industry-wide fatigue data collection targeting crew with larger circadian disruptions. This new research project, focused on acclimatisation, is starting in April 2016 with data collection performed during August and September. We are now looking for organisations and individuals that regularly operate across larger time-zone transitions with long periods out-of-base. If you are interested in participating, please consider registering through this link and we will provide further details on methodology, tools, crew recruitment, and e-learning material. Participation is free of charge. All data is kept confidential and fed back to participating organisations.

Fatigue Causes now present in CrewAlert Pro
With the addition of the Fatigue Causes functionality, CrewAlert Pro just became even more powerful. With only a single tap you are able to investigate the sub-components contributing to a prediction in the Boeing Alertness Model; Circadian rhythm, Sleep/wake homeostasis, Sleep inertia, Time on task etc.
     The Fatigue Causes functionality is available from version 3.9 already on Appstore and described in the built-in tutorial as well as in this separate PDF. Enjoy!

Arriving Early to Montreal, and Interested in Fatigue Modeling?
Are you arriving early for the ICAO Fatigue Symposium in Montreal 5-6th April? Take the opportunity to sharpen your skills in fatigue risk modeling by practicing on actual accidents and incidents in our Modeling Master Class April 4, 4-8pm. We will use CrewAlert Pro and share a number of different scenarios during the class.
     Please register your interest here and we will contact you shortly with further details of the event which will be held within walking distance of the ICAO headquarters. Looking forward to seeing you there!

On-time Concert for airBaltic
airBaltic, the Latvian flag carrier and winner of The World's Most Punctual Airline award for two consecutive years, has also been punctual in their implementation of Jeppesen Concert.
"We are proud to say that even though we use a crew planning system from another vendor than Jeppesen, we were able to connect our systems to Jeppesen Concert in just a few days, using our own staff," says Ilze Strauta, Crew Planning Manager, at airBaltic.

iAIMS Joins Solutions Feeding CrewAlert Pro With Rosters
iAIMS is a popular iOS app used by some 14,000 crew for synchronizing crew rosters from AIMS to various calendars. As of the latest release now in January, iAIMS is able to export roster information straight into CrewAlert Pro with just a single tap. Meaning even less excuses for not keeping track of your predicted fatigue level, finding a mitigation strategy or paying back that sleep debt!

Pegasus Monitors Fatigue Risk using Jeppesen Concert
Pegasus, the progressive and innovative low cost operator based at Istanbul Sabiha-Gökçen airport, adds Jeppesen Concert to its system environment. Pegasus' pairings are already constructed with guidance from the Boeing Alertness Model, but the operator is now extending capabilities further.

CrewAlert Pro Holiday Offer
On request we have decided to repeat our CrewAlert holiday offer from last year. We will discount CrewAlert Pro temporarily with 50% over the holidays; 22 Dec - 3 Jan. CrewAlert Pro is not only packed with features as seen in this PDF, the app also contains the full version of the now leading fatigue model; the Boeing Alertness Model (BAM).

Jeppesen Fatigue Risk Management Portfolio

Boeing and Jeppesen have jointly developed Fatigue Risk Management (FRM) functionality for allowing airlines to control crew fatigue and fatigue risk in crew planning and operation. The functionality is built into the Jeppesen Crew Management products so that scientific fatigue/alertness models can be accessed while constructing and maintaining crew schedules.

The FRM functionality allows for individual predictions on each flight of both crew alertness and associated risk. The alertness and risk information is available both in the GUI for the end-user but also to the optimizers during pairing and roster creation.

The availability of this information makes it possible to “build” alertness into rosters in the planning stage and to control and monitor it during manual roster maintenance and day-of-operation changes.

Alertness can be built into the crew schedules where it decreases fatigue risk the most – thus addressing the “tail” of the risk distribution. An operator may both use strict limits on fatigue risk, incentives to avoid the risk, alerts on risk thresholds, or any combination of these.

The Jeppesen rule engine RAVE, used in the Jeppesen Crew Management product suite, is able to connect to any scientific fatigue model compliant with CAPI, the Common Alertness Prediction Interface. CAPI enables high-speed integration with optimizers and aligns alertness prediction across models.

Download FRM Portfolio Overview (pdf)

Jeppesen Crew Solutions

Build in alertness from the beginning when optimizing and maintaining crew pairings and rosters.

Jeppesen CAPI

Add advanced decision support and visualization to your existing crew scheduling solution allowing for direct access to scientific fatigue models.

Jeppesen CFAS/Concert

Assess crew fatigue for entire fleets in seconds integrated easily with your existing crew scheduling solution.

Jeppesen CrewAlert

Assess individual schedules, get acquainted with sleep science, and collect operational fatigue data easily.

Fatigue Models

Use the leading fatigue models with the products and services in the Jeppesen portfolio.

FRM Services

Leverage the Jeppesen FRM experiences through business consultancy, training courses, assistance with data collection, or have Jeppesen construct your crew schedules remotely - efficiently enhancing safety.

Fatigue Data Collection

Join us move science forward by collecting operational fatigue data.

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