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Jeppesen Crew Rostering

Airline Modeling and Roster Management

Optimize your crew’s rosters using state-of-the art optimization algorithms tailored for Crew Management.

Rostering of pilots and cabin crew is an act of trading multiple factors to a perfect balance, and where that perfect balance is different from month to month. This, while guaranteeing compliance with authority rules, union/industrial agreements and company directions.

Jeppesen Crew Rostering handles all necessary factors, and is able to trade these factors across multiple bases, ranks and fleets to reach a targeted balance.
Example of factors are awarding crew’s preferences, roster productivity, covering required recurrent training, operational stability aspects like buffers towards legality rules and careful assignment of activities around standby/reserve blocks. Qualification and service needs can be considered, no matter if its language requirements, First/Business/Economy service levels or airport qualifications. Another factor is to take a grip on what type of tasks/activities can be left uncovered in case of temporary crew shortage. 

Jeppesen Crew Rostering is able to handle several rostering principles, of which the Weighted Fairshare model and the Strict Seniority model are the most common ones.

Rosters can be manually constructed (partly or in full) and modified as well as built by the optimizer. The optimizer supports running multiple scenarios in parallel, exploring different settings/balances of human and operational factors. This way the planning department stays in control of this crucial balance in every planning period.

The system architecture allows airline staff to maintain the configuration so that it continuously support the most current operational requirements – authority rules, union agreements and other operational considerations.

Jeppesen Crew Rostering integrates with all main Crew Management systems on the market, including airline-built system.

Please contact one of our sales representatives by using the phone numbers on the left or fill out a request for product information form for further information about our products and services.

  • Weighted Fairshare Crew Rostering optimizer
  • Strict Seniority Crew Rostering optimizer
  • Graphic Crew Roster Editor
  • Scenario Analyzer supports launching several scenarios, monitor optimization and comparing results. 
  • Preferential Bidding System (PBS)
  • Jeppesen Rave (rule and roster quality modeling language)
  • Jeppesen Rave Publisher (report engine)


  • CrewBid – Mobile crew bidding interface
  • CrewRequest – Mobile crew request (direct award) module
  • Boeing Alertness Model – influences roster optimization with human sleep and alertness sciences to create not only productive but also human rosters
  • Bid-line generation and editor.


  • Speed of planning and quality of the roster solutions as a result of the proprietary optimization algorithms.
  • Empowers the planning department to be in control of the operational balance in crew rosters by allowing a scenario based KPI-driven way of planning.
  • Stay compliant with changing authority rules and industrial agreements by utilizing the Rave-based system architecture.
  • Integrates seamlessly with other Jeppesen crew planning products, sharing data, legality and user interface.
  • Allow crew members’ input to the planning process (bids, preferences and request) anywhere & anytime. Preferential Bidding (pdf)
  • Let human sleep and alertness sciences be an integral part of the roster construction, and that way minimize crew fatigue in published rosters.

“We have successfully worked in tandem with Jeppesen over the past two years to transition our crew rostering process,” said Capt. Alan Stealey, Emirates divisional senior vice president, Flight Operations, in December 2015. “This partnership now allows us to create optimized monthly rosters for approximately 27,000 global crew members, in one production run.”



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