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Jeppesen Crew Pairing


Create crew pairings with a minimal total crew cost by building pairings interactively or using our pairing optimizer.  Generate robust connections and achieve the level of crew quality that you require.

With Jeppesen Crew Pairing, you can easily analyze and edit your pairings while simultaneously running your optimizer.

Send your pairings to your roster system and your reports will be created for preliminary hotel reservations, crew ticket reservations, and meal load orders.

Please contact one of our sales representatives by using the phone numbers on the left or fill out a request for product information form for further information about our products and services.

  • Pairing optimization
  • Graphic pairing editor
  • Jeppesen Rave (rule and quality modeling language)
  • Reports (Jeppesen Rave Publisher)
  • Regular new releases
  • Standard support (office hours support and regular Installation Quality visits)


  • Extended support

  • Initial savings of 3% to 15% on average
  • Reduce crew costs
  • Increase crew productivity

"Here at Thomsonfly, we are delighted with the progress made since going live with our pilot rosters in January 2008.  Because of Jeppesen's innovative approach to solving our challenges, the pairing and rostering process are now closer together providing a streamlined and cost-effective solution.  Our strong and successful relationship with our colleagues at Jeppesen means that the development has been tailored to our business strategy, providing us with the flexibility to manage our expanding business," said Keith Baker, Director Crew Planning, Thomsonfly UK.



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