Going Mobile with Jeppesen is Easy

Why Jeppesen Mobile Solutions?

Quite simply, we make going mobile easy. We partner with airlines, militaries, and aviation fleets around the globe to efficiently transition organizations like yours to a purely mobile environment. Having transformed the day-to-day operations of thousands of customers, we understand the challenges of going mobile.

You need the right partner, the right support team, and the right technology to succeed. We have the solutions, the experience and the ecosystem necessary to help you navigate the transformation. Our comprehensive mobile ecosystem includes:

  • FliteDeck Pro—A leading app and the industry’s only data-driven, world-wide mobile charting solution for the mobile platform you choose. In fact, we have over 100,000 pilots relying on FliteDeck Pro in the cockpit today.
  • Jeppesen Distribution Manager Pro—Secure and fast data and content distribution to ensure you can maintain the integrity and confidentiality of essential data and EFB content. Company data, manuals and charts can be uploaded to your mobile devices for greater information visibility, easy access, and control over your FliteDeck Pro configuration.
  • Multiple Platforms—We have partnered with both Apple and Microsoft to offer solutions on the most popular devices available today.
  • Boeing Electronic Flight Bag Solutions—Discover software and data solutions designed by Boeing for multiple hardware platforms throughout the lifecycle of your airplane.

To help your flight organization get started, and to support you every step along the way, we have assembled a world-class team of dedicated professional services experts. We also offer an extensive library of training resources (both instructor and self-led) to get your pilots ready to fly as quickly as possible, and without the heavy flight bag!

To learn more, please complete our online request form, or contact our team at the numbers listed to the right.

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