Jeppesen Ops Control
Minimize same-day flight issues with this complete aircraft movement management system.

After months of planning to find the best routes, the right schedule, and resources to complete the mission, it all comes down to the day of operation. What obstacles are standing between your airline and the perfect day? How much time will you have to react? With Jeppesen Ops Control, operations center managers are able to see and address down-line impacts before they occur, allowing them to make faster, smarter decisions and quickly adjust to the day's operational challenges. And with our Aircraft Recovery Solver, unravelling complex schedule and resource problems just became a lot easier.

Ops Control advantages include:

  • Reduce time to recover while protecting revenue
  • Early detection of critical problems
  • Multiple options with cost analysis
  • Spend less time managing routine tasks
  • Maximize service level by minimizing perceived disturbances
  • Station manager view
  • Full integration with Crew Tracking, Flight Planning and Tail Assignment
  • Flexible change management and integration

Training and other resources:

Here's everything you and your pilots need to learn more about Ops Control.

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