Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck for Business Aviation

A Paperless Flight Charting Revolution for Your Personal iPad or Tablet

Our completely paperless enroute solution delivers the quality flight data that business aviation pilots have come to expect from Jeppesen, including:

  • Transition Points Display: Transition points displayed within the enroute view without the need to flip between charts
  • Navigation Additions: New details not formerly available such as intersection formations, signal gaps, change over points, and distance between VORs
  • Flight Information Drawer: ”Route Drawer” capabilities such as saved flights and activating the drawer in both the enroute and terminal chart view
  • Improved Search: Immediate search results organized in a single list, with results displayed from either map center, or aircraft position
  • Update Functionality: New layout and color indicators (red, yellow, green) on whether the data is current or not

You will benefit from immediate access to reliable, accurate information, improved situational and operational awareness, and an efficient and more streamlined flight process to help maintain and enhance overall flight safety.


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