Jeppesen Manpower Planning

Provide adequate crew establishment while minimizing crew costs.

Our Manpower Planning solution is designed to optimize both your long-term and short-term crew planning by balancing the resources necessary for peak demand against demand lulls. We enable more precise budgets and forecasts, early discovery of production problems, optimized transition training plans and integrated vacation limit distribution.

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Jeppesen Manpower Planning helps you to optimize the long-term planning of crew with features that include:

  • Supply and demand
  • Promotion and recruitment
  • Vacation planning and award
  • Training
  • Faster implementation of changes
  • Decision support tools, such as what-if simulations for union negotiations
  • Reporting
  • Optimization of head count
  • Simulation capabilities for improved resource utilization

Use Manpower Planning with Jeppesen Crew Pairing and Jeppesen Crew Rostering to provide overall cost control for the complete crew planning process

Customer Testimonials

“We are looking forward to see Jeppesen Manpower Planning in production. The preliminary results we have seen are very promising,” said Neil Payne, Flight Operations Resources manager at British Airways. “We believe that this solution will drive both increased cost-efficiency and improved control in British Airways’ pilot resource planning.”

“With a rich history of successfully using Jeppesen crew planning solutions such as crew pairing and crew rostering, Qantas will now benefit from adding Jeppesen Manpower Planning to our existing suite of products from Jeppesen,” said Paul Johnston, head of Cabin Crew Resourcing, Qantas. “Due to the complexity of Qantas information systems and dynamic cabin crew environment, we require a highly flexible crew management solution. We can now consider all crew activities using an integrated system, with the aim to achieve more precision in our cabin crew planning while reducing costs. This will minimize the effects of crew transitions, planning for necessary training programs and scheduling vacations more efficiently using the manpower planning solution."

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