Jeppesen Manpower Planning
Take the guesswork out of your airline manpower, leave and training plans.

Bring airline crew on too soon and you spend unnecessary amounts on salary and benefits. Bring them on too late and you don't have enough crew members to fly your operation. And, how many crew members do you really need? Rather than guessing, let our optimizer help. With Manpower Planning, your team will be empowered with the tools they need to strategically plan for the longer term, balance resources to manage peaks of demand, and continually analyze for future improvement planning.

Our Manpower Planning solution is designed to operate as a connected part of your crew planning process. Composed of three core modules: establishment, training and leave, the modules are fully integrated. When a change is made in one module, it is immediately visible in the others:

Establishment Module

The establishment module is the core of Manpower Planning, where supply and demand values are presented and adjusted, either manually or by the optimizer where applicable. Demand values include forecasted and known production, forecasted illness, ground duties, training activities, leave, etc. Leave is planned in the establishment module and awarded in the leave module.

Training Module

The training module is used to manage career movements and other relevant training activities. This module includes optimization of the transition training plan. Optimizing the transition training plan has proven cost savings, as the production is covered at the right time in the right way. One example of savings is in salary, as crews are trained to their new position at the right time as opposed to too early. Optimization considers training resource constraints, rules and regulations, seniority and crew bids. Additionally, the optimizer is aware of leave and other training events, such as recurrent training. When building the training plan, recurrent training and leave limits can be dimensioned by the optimizer, therefore enabling a better resource plan.

With fast optimization, advanced features and a highly automated process, all decisions are taken into account and evaluated at the same time, speeding up the time needed to build your plans. You operation will no longer wait for one decision outcome to be the input for the next decision. You will be able to try out different scenarios and get quick feedback without affecting the live plan.

Leave Module

The leave module is where leave can be allocated and maintained. The award logic is defined in this module and is fully customizable. The Jeppesen crew portal module, Crew Bids, interacts with the leave module, allowing crew to get immediate feedback in case a bid is illegal.

Manpower Planning advantages include:

Use Jeppesen Manpower Planning in conjunction with Crew Pairing and Crew Rostering to provide overall cost control for the complete crew planning process:

  • Best-of-breed optimization for optimal cost savings and efficiency
  • Decision support tools, such as optimized what-if scenarios of all kinds, from adding production to adding a fleet or a base
  • Powerful customization framework, enabling you to easily change rules, reports, data interfaces and optimization cost drivers
  • In-depth analysis with daily granularity, from trend analysis to comparisons
  • Integration for access to latest crew and production data for improved forecasting quality
  • Support for automation so that tedious tasks can easily be automated, freeing the planner to work with more value-creating analysis
  • Measurability and reporting capabilities helping you stay in control. The system offers customizable KPIs, reports, an intuitive user interface and calculations for specific needs
  • Comprehensive service offering, with regular new system releases, dedicated service managers and on-site checkups, where both the system and processes are analyzed, ensuring the system and the optimization capabilities stay up-to-date
  • Easily maintainable and updatable model, through new versions of core system
  • Scalable to grow with your operation with all input data sources traceable and transparent for reliability

Training and other resources:

Here's everything you and your team needs to learn more about Manpower Planning.

Customer Testimonials:

We are looking forward to see Jeppesen Manpower Planning in production. The preliminary results we have seen are very promising, said Neil Payne, Flight Operations Resources manager at British Airways. We believe that this solution will drive both increased cost-efficiency and improved control in British Airways' pilot resource planning.
With a rich history of successfully using Jeppesen crew planning solutions such as crew pairing and crew rostering, Qantas will now benefit from adding Jeppesen Manpower Planning to our existing suite of products from Jeppesen, said Paul Johnston, head of Cabin Crew Resourcing, Qantas. Due to the complexity of Qantas information systems and dynamic cabin crew environment, we require a highly flexible crew management solution. We can now consider all crew activities using an integrated system, with the aim to achieve more precision in our cabin crew planning while reducing costs. This will minimize the effects of crew transitions, planning for necessary training programs and scheduling vacations more efficiently using the manpower planning solution.

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