Jeppesen Fuel Dashboard
Fuel savings made simple.

With automated data processing and a powerful, yet simple interface, our solution can provide your airline with complete visibility into flight fuel usage. Track where, when and how jet fuel is consumed on each aircraft—in every phase of every flight—so that you can make informed decisions to reduce fuel consumption, costs and emissions. Our airline partners have realized as much as 4% fuel savings after implementing Jeppesen Fuel Dashboard. So can you.

  • Analyze and benchmark your fleet’s performance across every part of the operation
  • Predictive modeling for quick analysis of potential savings on future flights
  • Advanced flight planning capabilities ensuring that your flight plan is as fuel efficient as possible
  • Automated data processing and reporting measured against over 400 parameters
  • Dedicated interfaces for both pilots and dispatchers
  • 3D Fight Visualization, Cost of Weight, Tankering, Smart Clustering and more

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We at GOL understand the power of data. With Fuel Dashboard, we can see all of our potential fuel savings across our operation in one place. Fuel Dashboard has supported us to implement several fuel saving initiatives. In 2016 alone, we saved 5,2 million kilos in fuel. We appreciate Jeppesen’s support, transparency and flexibility as they helped us to expand the level of analysis that enabled us to deliver our fuel savings annual targets.

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