Jeppesen Crew Rostering

Optimized Roster Management

With Jeppesen Crew Rostering, you can create crew rosters that respect your crews' preferences and all relevant constraints including on-duty time, rest time, days off, time zones, and other factors. You will have the ability to manage additional constraints such as different airline crew bases, crew agreements, various training aspects, fly below rank, maintaining and using qualifications, imitating previous rosters and various bid models.

Jeppesen Crew Rostering provides powerful decision support for crew planners with rich features including:

  • Rostering Optimization
  • Graphic pairing editor
  • Rule and Quality Modeling Language (Jeppesen Rave)
  • Report Publishing
  • Preferential bidding
  • Crew bidding interface
  • Bid models, including Strict Seniority and Weighted Fair Share

Our crew rostering solution allows airlines like yours to support multiple rostering models for crew groups and allows you to provide one integrated platform for evaluation through 'what-if' modeling and implementation of future concepts. The solution also enables you to take advantage of flexible tools within an easy to use interfaces well as its many powerful commands for manually editing individual rosters, quickly analyzing crew rosters, creating manuals or adjusting rosters.

Customer Testimonials

“We have successfully worked in tandem with Jeppesen over the past two years to transition our crew rostering process,” said Capt. Alan Stealey, Emirates divisional senior vice president, Flight Operations. “This partnership now allows us to create optimized monthly rosters for approximately 27,000 global crew members, in one production run.”

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“Our studies have identified clear and concrete benefits that are offered by the Jeppesen crew products, such as providing better support for our crew members when they enter their bids using an entry validation process,” said Rainer Hiltebrand, chief operating officer, Swiss. “Additionally, the new crew bidding and planning interfaces will be connected, creating a new system that will immediately present our crew members with scheduled assignments and available flights.”

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