Jeppesen Crew Rostering
Increase airline roster efficiency and quality while shortening your roster construction process.

To effectively manage the rostering process for pilots and cabin crew, it means more than simply following a long checklist of rules. It is an act of trading multiple factors to find the perfect balance–a balance that is constantly shifting.

With our Crew Rostering solution, you can create crew rosters that control the necessary aspects of a high quality roster; quality from both the crew and the company perspective. Built to handle the world's most complex rostering tasks, it can also help you strike the right balance between several soft factors, such as operational constraints including:

  • Reserve coverage and operational buffers
  • Service aspects like language requirements
  • Cabin service levels
  • Human factors such as fatigue
  • Crew-friendliness and individual crew preferences

The speed of our roster optimizer and the amount of constraints it can handle translates into a faster roster construction process, which in turn extends the window of opportunity for your network department to capture additional revenue and easily find the best balance during each planning period.

Crew Rostering supports several bid models included weighted fair share and strict seniority.

Crew Rostering advantages include:

The flexible architecture of Crew Rostering encourages exploration. You can test questions and run what-if analysis in a safe, virtual environment and explore new regulations, schedules or ideas without affecting the livelihood of your team. Other advantages include:

  • Best-of-breed optimization for optimal cost savings and efficiency
  • Decision support tools, such as optimized what-if scenarios
  • Powerful customization framework enabling you to easily change rules, reports, data interfaces and optimization cost drivers
  • Powerful analysis with daily granularity, from trend analysis to comparisons
  • Support for automation mitigating tedious tasks that can easily be automated, freeing the planner to work with more value-creating tasks
  • Measurability and reporting capabilities help you stay in control offering customizable KPIs, reports and an intuitive user interface for calculation-specific needs
  • Comprehensive service offering, with regular new system releases, dedicated service managers and on-site checkups, where both the system and processes are analyzed, ensuring the system and the optimization capabilities stay up-to-date
  • Easy to maintain and update model through a new version of core system
  • Scalable to grow with your flight operations
  • Traceable and transparent input data sources for reliability

Training and other resources:

Here's everything you and your crew members need to learn more about Crew Rostering.

Customer Testimonials:

We have successfully worked in tandem with Jeppesen over the past two years to transition our crew rostering process, said Capt. Alan Stealey, Emirates divisional senior vice president, Flight Operations. This partnership now allows us to create optimized monthly rosters for approximately 27,000 global crew members, in one production run.

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Our studies have identified clear and concrete benefits that are offered by the Jeppesen crew products, such as providing better support for our crew members when they enter their bids using an entry validation process, said Rainer Hiltebrand, chief operating officer, Swiss. Additionally, the new crew bidding and planning interfaces will be connected, creating a new system that will immediately present our crew members with scheduled assignments and available flights.

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