Jeppesen Crew Pairing
Optimized airline crew scheduling, productivity, safety and operational stability.

With scarce resources and pilot shortages an increasing reality, you need creative solutions for ways to address your crew scheduling needs. With Jeppesen Crew Pairing, you get results from day one through optimized crew itineraries. We offer the flexibility you need to stay on top of your growing and changing commercial airline business.

Crew satisfaction and the ability to attract pilots are important. With user-controlled parameters, you have the ability to optimize trade-offs between your key performance indicators. With our solution, you can improve airline crew satisfaction, fatigue avoidance and operational robustness. Wherever you are in the crew planning evolution, we can help.

Power up any department, independent of where they are. With fast optimization, advanced features and a highly automated process, you can run complex operations with ease and maintain an up-to-date long term plan with more accurate headcount and hotel forecasts, start production planning closer to publication and incorporate new revenue opportunities with late schedule changes.

Crew Pairing advantages include:

  • Best-of-breed crew optimization for optimal cost savings and efficiency
  • Decision support tools, such as optimized airline what-if scenarios of all kinds
  • See problems faster with improved visualization of crew problems and shorter lead times to build the best solution
  • Flexible rules engine allows you to configure the system to match to your airline business rules and processes
  • Powerful customization framework, enabling you to easily change rules, reports, and data interfaces
  • Powerful data analysis with daily granularity, from trend analysis to comparisons
  • Support for automation so that tedious tasks can easily be automated, freeing the planner to work with more value-creating tasks
  • Measurability and reporting capabilities to help you stay in control with customizable KPIs, reports, an intuitive user interface and calculations for specific needs
  • Comprehensive service offering, with regular new system releases, dedicated service managers and on-site checkups, where both the system and processes are analyzed, ensuring the system and the optimization capabilities stay up-to-date
  • Easy to maintain and update model through core system scalable to grow with your operation.

Training and other resources:

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Customer Testimonials:

Through integration of Jeppesen Crew Pairing capabilities, we will be using a premier pairing optimizer, which allows us to respond quickly to constantly evolving airline operational factors, said Tony LaCognata, director crew services, JetBlue Airways. With an initial integration of planning operations managed through their offsite service bureau, Jeppesen has helped us improve operational efficiency while we implement their crew pairing product for our in-house operations.

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Jeppesen Crew Pairing allows us to improve how we plan and execute optimized crew assignments and schedules, to the benefit of our overall operating business model, said Jim Jensen, vice president, Information Technology, SkyWest, Inc. We look forward to realizing bottom line results from enhancing the complex process of pairing fleet-wide crew assignments.

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