Jeppesen Aviator
One app. Many applications. Many advantages.

The tools your airline pilots and commercial aviation operation use to complete a flight are spread across a multitude of standalone EFB applications. Pilots often have to manually type the same flight-specific data into each application while constantly switching from app to app accessing, monitoring and managing flight information.

Jeppesen Aviator is an application that provides centralized access to a seamless, integrated suite of EFB tools, all in one place, with a consistent user experience, intuitive, simple interface and streamlined workflow. A configurable dashboard displays key flight information at a glance, while a common user interface allows pilots to quickly and easily navigate between applications.

Aviator shares and synchronizes data between contributing modules and apps to reduce both the need for manual data re-entry, and the likelihood of human input errors. Built-in backup redundancies like device-to-device sync, offline flight plans and navigational charts assure your airline operations stay mobile while reducing the risk of grounded aircraft.

  • Reduce pilot heads down time
  • Reduce human input error
  • Streamline workflows on the flight deck
  • Avoid operational disruptions

A Configurable Solution

We know every airline is different. That's why Aviator can be configured to include just the capabilities your operation needs.

Internal modules available in Aviator include:

Aviator Flight Briefing

Aviator Briefing

Aviator Weather

Aviator Content Viewer

Aviator Pilot Utilities

Aviator also integrates the following standalone applications into a single EFB suite:

  • Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro
  • Boeing Onboard Performance Tool
  • Bytron Skybook
  • Jeppesen FliteDeck Advisor
  • Your company's own applications with the Aviator software developer's kit (SDK)

Aviator customers naturally have access to Jeppesen's 24/7/365 world-class support service.

Training and other resources:

Here’s everything you and your pilots need to learn more about Aviator.

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