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One app. Many applications. Many advantages.

The tools your airline pilots and commericial aviation operation depends on can be spread across a multitude of access points. Not only do your pilots have to manage these different tools , but these applications typically don’t share information and data so your pilots are tasked to enter the same information over and over again – wasting valuable time and sometimes creating errors. Aviator provides pilots with a single-point of access to many of the applications they use today and is designed to share information across applications to save time, prevent errors and to improve the efficiency of your operation. With Aviator, your pilots can easily access critical pre-flight and in-flight information and with this single, seamless point of access with a unified workflow, it means that applications share a common user experience, minimizing future pilot training needs. Plus, Aviator makes moving back and forth between applications as simple as ever.

Electronic Flight Bag Integration.

The menu or widget navigation provides your airline pilots with the flight information they need at a glance and delivers fast access to these integrated applications. You can also leverage our Aviator SDK and related services that are available for connection with your other important aviation applications.


Keep your operations efficient, your fleet mobile.

Through cloud-based access to EFB information, integration with Jeppesen's Trip Kit on Demand and Boeing's Electronic Flight Folder or in-cockpit device-to-device sync, Aviator offers multiple redundancies to help keep your operations mobile and the risk of grounded aircraft to a minimum.

Aviator advantages include:

  • Streamlines pilot workflow
  • Data sharing between EFB apps
  • Quick and easy access to EFB app modules
  • Device-to-device data sharing
  • Plug and Play SDK allows company-specific apps to be integrated into the framework
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Minimized customer training through SDK integration
  • ONS connectivity to acquire operational data
  • Integration with customer flight planning server possible to directly pull in flight plans
  • Fast & easy conversions and calculations through a fully integrated pilot utilities tool
  • In-app help
  • Available for iOS® and Windows® platforms

Aviator customers naturally have access to Jeppesen's 24/7/365 world-class support service.

Training and other resources:

Here’s everything you and your pilots need to learn more about Aviator.

Aviator at a glance:

Take a peek at what Aviator has to offer.

FliteDeck Pro

FliteDeck Pro

The fastest and most reliable mobile EFB


Trip Kit On Demand

Customized Trip Kits provide valuable backup

Device Sync

Device-to-Device Sync

Synchronized information between devices on the flight deck

Content Viewer

Jeppesen Content Viewer

Fast access to enroute and in-flight documentation

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