The Electronic Flight Charting Revolution

Enabling your Switch to an Efficient, Paperless Cockpit

Yes, the worldwide aviation switch to electronic charting is well underway. And making the switch to an e-chart solution is as easy as choosing your hardware platform, and the Jeppesen e-chart software that's best for you.

Hardware Options 

Multi-Function Display
Tablet PC
Mounted Flight Bag

Jeppesen e>charts work with most multifunction displays (MFD), Tablet PC/Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) and desktop computers. Simple as that. Just make sure they meet our recommended system requirements. While we cannot guarantee system performance or recommend a specific hardware manufacturer, we've included a list of hardware manufacturers that are compatible with our software. Most of these manufacturers state that the units have been tested for altitudes up to 10,000 feet. However, we recommend you contact the individual manufacturer regarding altitude limits on your specific unit and to discuss your individual flight limits specifically.

Multi-Function Displays

An MFD mounts in the control panel, making e>charts an integrated part of your cockpit. Contact the individual manufacturer to ensure the best MFD model for your aircraft.

Desktop PC

An easy way to make the transition to Jeppesen e>charts is by using your home PC and printer. This gives you the additional benefit of printing out your charts at home to use in the cockpit- either as backup or as your primary charts while you get more acquainted with the capabilities of e>charts. Please refer to our system requirements.

Tablet PC/Electronic Flight Bags

A tablet PC is a portable electronic display that can be taken into the cockpit. An EFB can either be a portable unit or hard-mounted into the cockpit. There are many high-quality options from trusted manufacturers. Again, please review our system requirements when evaluating your hardware choices.

Handheld Echart Reader

For a simple paper chart replacement Jeppesen offers an eChart Reader subscription service that allows you to take your IFR subscription into the cockpit using the FX10 Personal Aircraft Information Manager. With this new subscription service you can choose your coverage area from a small area to world wide coverage all on a light weight device that displays charts electronically even in a brightly lit cockpit.

Software Solutions 

Choosing your software to begin enjoying the powerful benefits of e>charts is simple. All that's required is deciding if you want only JeppView electronic charts–or to have them integrated with our FliteStar flight planning software via the NavSuite bundle.

Here's a quick overview of your software options:


These are Jeppesen's electronic approach, terminal and en route charts, encompassing all of the same information as our Airway Manual Services. JeppView offers powerful additional features:

  • Fully-loaded, full-color, zoom-able
  • Digital VFR terminal charts for Europe
  • Download in minutes, and print paper charts for backup
  • Real-time weather (U.S. only)

JeppView FliteDeck is the e>chart option optimized for Electronic Flight Bags and Tablet PCs. FliteDeck allows for easy viewing of terminal and enroute charts while airborne, with an intuitive interface designed specifically for touchscreen displays.

Learn more about JeppView.


JeppView MFD

This option integrates Jeppesen electronic charts (except VFR) with the latest multi-function displays to greatly reduce the amount of paper carried on board the aircraft. It also provides a PC utility that allows for planning and printing of all charts in your coverage area.

Learn more about JeppView MFD.

JeppView MFD


Jeppesen's NavSuite bundles JeppView with our popular FliteStar flight planning to provide a fully integrated, easy-to-use, affordable solution for charting and flight planning.

  • NavSuite could save you up to 25% each year on revision services
  • Flexible billing plans customized to meet your needs
  • Easy multi-user licensing

Learn more about NavSuite.

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