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Airspace Systems Workshop


Designed for flight crew members, dispatchers and other flight operations personnel, this course provides students with an understanding and knowledge of emerging and increasingly complex international air space systems.  As RVSM, ICAO-RNP, RNP-RNAV, ADS-B and other electronic navigation and surveillance systems continue to compress the world's usable airspace, access to preferred route structures becomes highly sought after by international air carriers.  New ICAO and local regulations demand special training of flight crews and prescribe equipment requirements.  The Airspace Systems Workshop is essential training for military wishing to operate within RVSM and RNP airspace.  Workshops can be tailored to unique operations specifications and route structures.

The Airspace Systems Workshop addresses all current and many future navigation and communication systems and also discusses in detail CNS-ATM issues that will affect air carriers in the near term. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding and working knowledge of international regulatory requirements, procedures and rules for operating within restrictive airspace.  All CNS-ATM elements such as RVSM, RNP-RNAV, GPS, WAAS and LAAS approach systems, ADS-B and new visual guidance systems will be discussed and their impacts examined.

Course Locations

Jeppesen can deliver this training at any Jeppesen facility or customer location.

Course Length

The standard course is a two-day format, but can be customized for modules of study selected.  The minimum number of students is seven per class.

VA Benefits

Contact us today for more information regarding eligibility of Veteran Affairs tuition assistance.

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