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The takeoff and landing performance class provides students with the basics of aircraft certification and operating regulations (Mill-M-85025A, Mil-M-7700D, JAR OPS, ICAO, FAR's, etc.) and the application to daily operating requirements.  The focus of this course will be on takeoff, enroute and landing performance.

Some of the topics discussed in this performance fundamentals class are: takeoff field length requirements, climb limitations, obstacle limitations, brake energy limitations, tire speed limitations, quick turnaround time limitations, improved climb/overspeed takeoffs, V1 implications, derate and assumed temperature takeoffs, wet and contaminated field takeoff performance, the flight planning and performance manual (FPPM), effects of MEL/CDL on takeoff performance, landing field length and limits, approach and landing climb limit, MAP climb gradients required in low visibility approaches, environmental and configuration effects on performance, military/FAR/JAR differences, aircraft performance versus TERPS and PANS OPS procedure design, drift down, ETOPs and other topics as needed.

Course Locations

Jeppesen can deliver this training at any Jeppesen facility or at the customer location.

Course Length

The standard course is either a two or three day format, dependent upon the modules of study selected.  The minimum number os students is seven per class.

VA Benefits

Contact us today for more information regarding eligibility of Veteran Affairs tuition assistance.

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