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Mission Tasking Tools

Optimize your operations and create robust mission packages with our mission tasking solutions.  These solutions, used on the day of operations, include Jeppesen's industry leading flight planning system, our world standard navigation chart service, our comprehensive document management service and our aircraft performance and weight and balance systems.

We offer the only available military focused flight planning system that provides commercial-type optimization with military functions, such as air refueling, mission orbits, and payload on/offload.  Our chart service is a single repository for both navigation charts and text documents, both in electronic and paper formats.  This service enables your entire organization to view and print charts from multiple sources, in multiple formats.

Jeppesen's document management service provides data management, revision, publishing and distribution solutions for paper and electronic media.  This cost-effective, low-risk solution to manage your documentation requirements enables your operation to adopt more efficient digital flight operations.  Our aircraft performance application provides on-demand performance calculations for thousands of airports worldwide using the world's most comprehensive obstacle database.  Finally, our weight and balance calculation application is intuitive, accurate and uses a single database to make managing mission critical information easy.

Click on the product and service offerings below for more information.

Flight Planning

Perform complex flight planning at multiple locations with our robust flight planning tool.

Air Refueling

Air refueling is a complex and challenging mission.

Jeppesen Military Chart Service

Simplify the complex task of managing aeronautical charts with the Jeppesen Military Chart Service.

Military Document Management Service

Discover how our low-risk, cost effective document management solution ensures that each member of your organization has timely and accurate access to the information they need to accomplish their mission.


Military aviators need reliable and precise engine-out performance analysis that maximizes aircraft payload, increases safety, and complies with regulatory requirements.

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