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Jeppesen Military Chart Service


For militaries both large and small, we can help simplify the complex task of managing aeronautical charts. Our Jeppesen Military Chart Service is a comprehensive repository for all  the aeronautical information you require to task and execute a global mission. 

We enable entire military organizations to view and print electronic terminal approach and area charts produced by Jeppesen, as well as those produced by military and civilian chart agencies in standardized formats such as PDF, CADRG, etc.  Military AIS organizations can use the Jeppesen Military Chart Service to distribute their own charts and documents electronically to their user communities either by loading their products into the software in PDF format, or by having Jeppesen ingest their enroute and terminal data and procedures directly into the Jeppesen database.

For larger militaries flying ten or more aircraft, please contact one of our sales representatives by using the phone numbers listed on the left, or complete our  product information request form. If your military operation is currently less than ten aircraft, please visit MyJeppesen to sign up and purchase coverages immediately. Also, be sure to check out the Jeppesen Tradeshow and Events schedule for a listing of the military events we will be attending so you can stop by for a demonstration and to meet our team. 

Large Fleet Information  Small Fleet Registration  e-Charts for Windows 4.0 Update

  • Comprehensive global coverage
  • Innovative delivery mechanisms
  • Integrates with Mission Planning
  • Reduces paper loads.  No more filing revisions
  • Downloadable updates
  • Airborne chart viewing via the Electronic Flight Bag


  • Simplifies the management of aeronautical charts


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